How to Tackle the COVID-19 Vaccines Distribution Challenges?

As scientists and pharmaceutical companies have cleared the hurdle of developing an effective and safe vaccine for the pandemic, another global challenge emerges — quickly and safely distribute vaccines to stay vaccines potent. We need billions of doses of effective vaccines to make a dent in the pandemic, how to tackle challenges encountered in vaccines shipment and storage has become our pressing and principal problem.

Ultra-low Temperature Real-time Monitoring in COVID-19 Vaccines Distribution

Hope On The Way?Still, challenges lie ahead.

Unprecedented Large Scale Transportation
Demands from all over the world means the global scale of vaccine transportation. It will be a great quantity of the task to work on vaccine distribution.

Uncertain Shipping Condition
Multimodal shipment comes with uncertain situations, and keeping the vaccines potent must control the ultra-low temperature of the vaccine sealer.

Unavoidable Storage Requisite
Vaccines, like most pharmaceuticals, have to be stored within a strict ultra-low temperature range to stay potent. There is hardly any data available on their fragility or stability. Some experts say the first shipments of the shots would need to be transported at “vaccine-untypical” conditions of -20 degrees Celsius, which is a major challenge for freight companies.

Minew Sensor Beacons S3 & S1

Our sensors play an important role.

Monitoring Temp En Route and at Storage
The distribution of vaccine falls into two part, shipment and storage, both can benefit from Minew’s temperature-monitoring tech. Minew helps you monitor the temperature online of every COVID-19 vaccine in real-time using first-hand sensor data, during the vaccine’s journey from factory to pharmacy, from pharmacy to vaccination site.

Also, Minew’s sensors contribute to the vaccines storage which has to be at ultracold temperatures while reducing damaging amounts of heat to the freezers as you don’t have to open the door for a temperature check.

Guaranteeing Visibility and Long-Distance Transport
Minew’s sensors to vaccines distribution relying on our temperature sensors — S1 & S3, connect the vaccines end with the management end, monitor the conditions of vaccines in real-time and collect the temperature changes for future data processing and analysis. In the journey, our sensors keep working by the long battery life.

S1 & S3 are the high precision temperature and humidity sensors based on Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 with the long peripheral probe, uploading real-time data by Gateway/phone to assist temperature monitoring. S3 features better performances plus the E-paper display than S1, and S3 avoids damages caused by opening the storage boxes or freezers of vaccines to check the temperature conditions.

– Perfect for monitoring refrigerated vaccine storage
– Reduce costs
– Peripheral probes ensure an accurate temperature response
– Reliable Cloud-based record


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