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On May 30th, the 2018 “Star Of Wisdom” China Smart Retail Industry Annual Awards Ceremony held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.


A total of 13 awards were in this selection. Nearly 200 outstanding enterprises participated. After the public vote of 800,000 people and the selection of 150 authoritative experts, the final results announced. Minew MTag Series ESL win the “Most Popular ESL Brand” in this selection event with its outstanding performance, good quality, and excellent market reputation.


Minew MTag Series ESL applied with the latest BLE 5.0 technology and uses high-quality dot-matrix E-ink display. The screen colors are in black and white, black white and yellow, black white and red. The labels can display the barcode, QR code, and pictures. Users also can customize for editing. The MTag not only has three-color LED lights that are convenient for displaying the different status of the tags but also have the NFC function, and multi-language support. With the superior performance, our MTag Series ESL has been successfully applied in many retail stores now.


Since the MTag Series ESL revealed in the market, it gained a lot of attention and recognition from many parties. In last year, MTag Series ESL won the 2018 China IoT “Technology Innovation Award” also. Minew always oriented to the customer needs. In the future, Minew will continue to provide customers with professional software and hardware integrated smart retail solutions.

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