[December 31,2020] We are happy to share that Minew’s general manager Zhuang Yan has presented his review of 2020 and strategical planning of 2021, on the blessed Christmas day, 2020. All of the staff from Minew attended this meeting.


A look back at 2020: challenges, progress and a path forward

At the meeting, Mr. Zhuang, CEO of Minew, made his review of 2020, summarizing what Minew has done and achieved in the tough 2020.

When the pandemic has occurred on a global scale, Minew conquers complexity and makes faster, smarter decisions to drive change that sticks. Minew developed and manufactured a social distancing wristband ideal for monitoring body temperature so as to control outbreak and recover business.

With ever-increasing turnover, Minew decided to advance involvement in philanthropy on anti epidemic by donating a sum of finance capital and materials, appealing people from all walks of life to unite as one.

Insisting in our mission and vision, we continued to innovate and enhance strength, providing more possibilities and superior products and solutions in IoT. We have introduced the world-class SMT and rolled out several updated and optimized hardware and software. It is always that our customers come first through satisfactory and professional services.

Minew has joined hands with Japan enterprise, and awarded Korean CertificationIndustry Canada certification, US patent on our high-quality product, expanding cooperation worldwide in 2020.

Strategic Deployment of 2021  

The most significant step of Minew in 2021 is implementing divisional organization, which will rearrange the management layer on the basis of product category.

The strategy of divisional organization is to further forge the competitive and targeted products, making our partners success in their field. Also, Zhuang has emphasized the importance of triangle connection, looking forward to the strategic results as deploying the triangles of division, back-end and soft power.

Minew invites you to look forward and witness our growing and achievements in 2021, realizing win-win with the collective vision of bringing better life for human kind.

 “Ants can carry food several times or even dozens of times heavier than themselves. So do you, you are more powerful than you think.

——Mr. Zhuang, Minew CEO

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa

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