On April 29, Minew was invited to attend and share its insights on the Bluetooth Developer Conference titled “Light Intelligent, Without Boundary” hosted by Tuya, a global IoT platform designer and IoT solutions & products provider, in Shenzhen, China. The conference attracted thousands of Bluetooth developers from various walks of life and prominent companies in the Bluetooth space. Minew is proud to be one of them to explore the infinite of Bluetooth technology and IoT applications.


Ken Kolderup, CMO of Bluetooth SIG, was invited to deliver opening remarks on the conference. As the industry vane on Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth SIG has released its 2021 Market Update recently, analyzing, elaborating and forecasting the past and the future of Bluetooth market. It is critical and necessary for Bluetooth members from all over the world to seize the chances and meet the challenges in the following years.


After the speaking of some core crews from Tuya Smart and representatives from other enterprises, Johnson Zhang, the co-founder of Minew and director of LBS (location based service) Dept. in Minew, delivered his views on AIoT applications and elaborated Minew’s primary and latest projects. Although the pandemic has thrown the whole world into a unprecedented crisis on human life and work, the value of Bluetooth technology has been highlighted. Both of the Bluetooth-based smart applications and Bluetooth indoor positioning technology elevate the world to the next level.


Bluetooth technology in the pandemic

“Confronted with adversity, we do our best to help human get through the hard times with technology”, Johnson mentioned that the smart wearables such as B8 and B10 developed by Minew have played a significant role in the pandemic, relying on their excellent performance in contact tracing, social distance awareness, indoor positioning, emergency call-for-help, etc. Bluetooth technology is propelled to become a necessity of life as making life smarter and safer.


How does Minew leverage IoT for better and smarter life?

Putting forward the idea of “creating and upgrading digital applications based on Bluetooth”, Johnson stated that Minew has innovated and expanded the ecosystem of IoT products, such as the electronic shelf label, Gateway, Cloud platform, etc., so as to accomplish the maximum effect of IoT applications. With Minew’s products and services in smart retail, smart warehouse, smart healthcare and smart building, countless partners and customers of different industries have benefited from the IoT applications, fulfilling eco-friendly, contactless, cost-effective and high efficient performance. Among our products, the electronic shelf labels have reformed the running mode and working atmosphere by its e-ink display and real-time update.


A giant leap from RSSI to AoA

As the latest crux of both indoor positioning field and Minew’s annual project, Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology has more strengths over traditional indoor positioning technology in accuracy positioning for data analysis. With the sub-meter accuracy, AoA tech helps users obtain more reliable and real-time data in the parking lots, shopping malls, department stores, warehouse and logistics, hospitals, factories and other scenarios. Johnson shared Minew’s achievements in AoA technology to other attendees, including the release of the AoA based G2 Gateway kit, and the jointly completion of first white-book about the AoA high-precision positioning technology with other industry giants.


Persistence and innovation in Bluetooth module

According to the 2021 Market Update from Bluetooth SIG, shipments of single-mode devices with low-power Bluetooth are expected to increase more than triple in the next five years. Also, it is projected that by 2025, 96% of Bluetooth devices will equipped with low-power Bluetooth.

Minew’s low energy consumption Bluetooth modules support Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5.0, featuring strong functions, high flexibility and quality, certified by BQB/FCC/CE/SRRC and so forth. With over a decade of experience, we deliver Bluetooth products and services which can be widely implemented on home appliances, lighting, security devices, etc., to promote intelligent innovation of traditional electronic products. Interneting every object is and will be what we stick to.

About Minew

Minew is a leading global wireless products and services provider with values of quality, innovation, reliability, diversity and trust, helping people step into the connected world, interneting every object with continuous innovation oriented towards servicing our customers. Minew’s patented products and extraordinary services have been proven by worldwide enterprises, including Cisco, Nordic, Siemens, Google, Panasonic, Alibaba, Huawei, etc.

Editor: Sheila

Reviewer: Rosa

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