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Recently, Minew and Nordic announced that we two parties have established a partnership, which is a critical step of Nordic’s newly-published “Nordic Partnership Program” (NPP). NPP runs to “drive the adoption of wireless technology and help Nordic’s customers to bring their products to market faster”. Minew, as the only one Asian company to be selected, is honored to synergize with other wireless product design and solution companies from the program to create an ecosystem based on wireless technology in collaboration with Nordic.



This landmark collaboration has the objective of addressing the various challenges faced by the wireless industry and inspiring more possibilities and innovations. As Nordic’s design partner, we serve our Nordic customers in the following ways:

  • Offering design consultancy, design engineering or, ODM services.
  • Assisting with a specific aspect of a complex design.
  • Providing outsourcing or acceleration of the design and launch of new products.


Being a member of this program also proved Minew’s hard power in the Asian and even global market to our customers in the Nordic market. Excellent hardware design, compliant products, satisfactory services, and a trustworthy corporate image are all crucial foundations for Minew to be the chosen one in the NPP.

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“Without doubt, in the journey of building this ecosystem, there will need to tackle the complex challenges posed by increasingly new technologies and to help with some companies or start-ups that lack specific competencies in the IoT industry. We, for one, will stick to our consistently high-quality products and services and leverage the mechanism to bring a promising wave of innovation within us for injecting new opportunities for our customers from the Nordic market and even the global market,” says Johnson, the co-founder and director of overseas marketing in Minew.

As “NPP partners have solid experience of Nordic technologies and can help”, stated by Geir Langeland from Nordic Semiconductor, Minew has over a decade of experience in R&D and innovations in the IoT field.

Minew can offer our customers wireless products that have been proven in various verticals and have brought benefits to our existing partners. Our wireless product portfolios can be mainly divided into location-based service (LBS) products and IoT modules. Among them, the LBS products include AOA-based products, smart wearables, Bluetooth Beacons, and Sensor Tags.

If you are looking to see if there are wireless products that can perfectly fit your solution, or you want to tailor your own IoT application, feel free to contact Nordic or Minew and we will endeavor to provide you with products and services that will help you accelerate time to market.

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