The world’s largest ICT international event CeBIT was held on 20-24 Man 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Minew as the largest IoT application hardware vendor in China, debut the CEBIT show.

At CeBIT, Minew exhibits a variety of IoT products through iBeacon&Eddystone, Bluetooth module, Bluetooth Key Tracker, Smart Sensor Device , BLE&WiFi Gateway. Based on successful beacons deployment, Minew developed kinds of IoT Smart Sensor Devices in early 2017 such as temperature&humidity sensor device, accelerometer sensor device and light sensor device. Most welcome S1 temperature&humidity sensor device is widely used in various industries to detect the real-time temperature and humidity data of the environment. Data storage can be as long as 30 days. Through G1 BLE&WiFi Gateway to upload the data to cloud for permanent preservation. Waterproof, 3-5years battery lifetime make the sensor device apply to different working environment.


Bluetooth Key Trackers as a personal usage device catch a lot of view. At the CeBIT. Minew aims to a smart and thin design so that it is easy to be carried in wallet, pocket and appear a good looking while hang on pets, bags and etc. Easy operation to binds the device to cellphone APP to make the two devices find each other and make alarm. Another feature remote-shutter fits most people’s selfie demand. F2,F3 and F4 three different looks to meet different needs.

As the largest and most influential international IT field of high-tech exhibition, CeBIT provides a platform for in-depth understanding of digital development and best-in-class exposure through a variety of on-site demonstrations. The CeBIT shows technology’s innovation and possibilities. IOT technology is the trend and is going to be faster development. Minew team also uphold the concept: interneting, intelligentizing, automating to create more possibilities.

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