Minew Card Beacon helped our client successfully manage personnel for contact tracing, preventing virus outbreaks while recovering business as well as ensuring employees’ health. See what our Card Beacon (used by client) has done,reported by Fox News:

Minew has designed and manufactured a series of IoT product to support economic recovery during the pandemic. The countdown of 2020 has begun. We are still being through the huge barrier of pandemic. The latest news has shown that the vaccine is under way, but there are still hurdles to overcome in the economy.

Today, we would like to recommend our card beacon, assisting your business to effectively and safely come through the virus challenge.


Minew Card Beacon 

Minew Card Beacon, a new generation Card Beacon, has Bluetooth® 5.0 hardware platform, 3-axis accelerometer sensor, RFID tag and MiniBeacon Plus smart software.

With minimalist design in white color, hidden push button, housing with key-chain hole, Minew Card Beacon puts more emphasis on to its performances and applications, providing two models options— C7 & C10.

– Advertising iBeacon & Eddystone & Sensor Data
– Bluetooth® 5.0
– nRF52 Chipset Series
– Max 100 Meters Advertising Distance
-Up to 3-year service life
– Waterproof IP65
– ID Card Sized

Minew Card Beacon C7 & C10

It is easy to carry with compact size. Apart from the common characteristics, C10 can support UHF (868~915MHz) according to your needs, which has strong penetrability and practicability.



Applied to asset tracking and location, personnel tracking, activity monitoring and inventory tracking in above and other sites, Minew Card Beacon introduces the new technology to help in contact tracing to help economic recovery while preventing further virus outbreaks. With Minew Card Beacon, once an employee tested positive, administrators could go back in time to determine who might have been in close proximity. From there, administrators could take steps to ensure the rest employees’ health, keep business going on and prevent virus outbreaks.

We have provided our Card Beacon for many clients from different countries, significantly helping to guarantee the safe progress of our client’s staff and business.

There’s one more thing, we have BLE wristband(B8) ,wearable bracelet with sleek style and trendy design, to remind you of proper social distance in Covid-19 contact tracing. How about to be our next partner to recover your business?

Editor: Sheila
Reviewer: Rosa, Eason

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