[March 8, 2021] A senior visits the emergency room every 11 seconds for a fall-related injury, and every 19 seconds, an elderly adult develops fatal injuries from one. Older adults also have increased odds of experiencing a stroke, heart attack or dementia-related difficulties. In this case, it’s important to monitor their actions and behaviors, providing faster care.

How to call for help without family members around if you feel unwell or suffer a fall anywhere in your home or garden? No panic. That’s where Minew B10 multi-use wristband comes in. Minew has debuted its latest smart wristband B10, mainly for easing the worries of caregivers as well as seniors by monitoring movements around the clock.

Is this all B10 can do? Absolutely not! B10 is designed as a multi-use wristband, offering a wider range of applications including indoor localization, personnel management, smart office, access control, etc., supported by its common principle of acting as an digital identity to transmit wireless signal for being identified by nearby receivers to further data presentation and analysis. Minew provides SDK for buyers to discover and develop more possibilities of this new wristband.

– Configured on Minew APP BeaconSET+ via Bluetooth 5.0
– Multiple Button Mode Selection
– Up to 60 days per charging for long service
– Vibration Response with a simple press
– IP66 Waterproof
– Replaceable for Different Outer Cases
– Up to 100 Meters Connection Distance
– Works with Android and iPhone smartphones.

Benefits of B10 Multi-use Wristband
B10 can be used to improve user experience for patients in care homes. A typical challenge of senior care is that while patients cannot be allowed to roam freely for their own safety, and we don’t want to lock them up in a room either. Other alternative solutions, such as cameras, feel very invasive to the privacy of those patients. B10 offers a less invasive way, with tag that enables location-based systems to keep track of them.

Also, B10 can even be configured for access control to make sure patients cannot enter dangerous areas, offering patients more freedom to wander while still keeping them safe.

Pinpoint location of B10 makes it easy to know the exact location of your loved one at all times and provide faster care if necessary.

B10 can’t prevent accidents, but it can help reduce issues that stem from delayed care. Wearers can press the button for help, and neednt to be panic in accidents.

As always considering about economic benefits for our clients and partners, the functionality of B10 can be optimized to further assist in disadvantaged groups and general personnel management, not just limited to seniors care.

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B10 can be used in other applications, such as tourism management, Geo-fence setting, indoor navigation (with Minew Gateway) and smart working.

TOURISM MANAGEMENT: Guarantee safety with the SOS alarm, when getting lost or coming across dangers in amusement parks, zoological and botanical gardens, relax resorts and other outdoor leisure and entertainment venues.

GEO-FENCE: Set up to monitor activity in secure areas, allowing management to see alerts when anyone enters or leaves a specific area. To protect workers with SOS alarm in coal mining, construction sites, metallurgical laboratories, machinery manufacturing plants, offshore activities, etc.

INDOOR NAVIGATION: Work with Minew Gateway to help visitors and customers get optimized routes and reach to their destinations easily and quickly in indoor spaces such as airports, stations, museums, shopping buildings, and more.

SMART WORKING: NFC available to secure the buildings, offices, data rooms,etc. by limiting access, further enhance space utilization, and manage daily check-in by personal identification in the device.

You can reach us by leaving message or sending email if any questions that you are thinking about our latest B10.   

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