Minew technologies today introduced the latest AoA location beacon, MLW01!

Based on the Minew AoA protocol and using AoA high-accuracy location services, Minew MWL01 is a wearable tag for sub-meter class high-precision tracking and management of personnel. The MWL01 equipped with a programmable button allows the“Safety Call” in emergency after connecting to the Cloud. With a sensitive Accelerlometer sensor, MWL01 helps monitor the trajectory of personnel movement and other dynamic changes in real-time. The Wearable AoA tag is still an extremely reliable and basic Bluetooth transmitter for staff management.

AoA location beacon, MLW01!

Angle of Arrival – High-precision positioning with the AoA method

Compared with other positioning technologies, AoA positioning technology has the advantages of higher precision, larger coverage, better penetration, but lower costs in construction and maintenance. For the use cases that require extremely precise positioning, Minew recommends the AoA method for positioning. Angle of Arrival (AoA) positioning algorithm improves the accuracy of traditional low-precision Bluetooth by ten times, reaching 0.5-1 meter average accuracy. It is a typical ranging-based algorithm across some devices to sense the arrival direction of the transmitting node signal, calculate the relative position or angle between the unknown node and the anchor node, then use the triangulation or other methods to calculate the location of the unknown node.

Pinpoint everyone at your venue to boost efficiency and ensure safety

As a wearable Bluetooth beacon, the MWL01 AoA Beacon is ideal for indoor personnel management. Administrators can access the location and movement of the wearer through the real-time signal emitted from the MWL01, tracking historical trajectories when needed. For the wearer, it is also a stylish gadget to call for help in an emergency. Just press the button on the device for timely rescue in case of danger or needing help. Through the sub-meter accuracy, administrators of different indoor venues can employ the MWL01 to optimize personnel management, space occupancy, work efficiency, and workflow. Benefit more at lower costs. It can be applied in different application scenarios such as an exhibition, factories and smart healthcare.

AOA indoor positioning MWL01

What are the highlights of Minew MWL01?

  • Sub-meter Class Accuracy

Based on AoA technology with Minew AoA protocol.

  • 3 Flexible Broadcast Modes

Standard, fast, slow broadcast mode with different intervals.

  • Battery Replaceable

When the power is low, the red light keeps flashing to remind battery replacement.

  • Parameters are configurable

Users can configure broadcast name, CTE length, broadcast power, and interval.

  • High-accuracy Acc Sensor

Let you make precise measurements of vibration or shock for a variety of applications.

  • Customization Service

Support customized logo, color, firmware, certification etc.

  • OTA Available

Finger on App to perform a firmware update easily.

Light up your map with Minew off-the-shelf AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit

You can select the Minew AoA G2 gateway kit to make a perfect combination with the MWL01 location beacon. Minew AoA G2 gateway kit, the Bluetooth AoA starter kit with emerging Angle of Arrival technology, which contains one gateway G2, four AoA locators, five pcs 19.7 feet network cables, delivering sub-meter class accuracy indoor positioning based service in all industries. Network coverage of one set of G2 AoA Indoor Positioning Gateway kit is nearly 4305 sq feet assuming the radiation radius of each locator is 19.7 feet.

Minew AoA G2 gateway


In a huge crowd, precisely positioning is not a difficult thing like before; In the fast developing city, accurately locating what you are looking for gradually has become an easy case. Wearing the ergonomic designed MWL01 location beacon enables you to experience the convenience of the preciseness positioning brought by Minew AoA technology. Leading the trend of AoA positioning market, let’s re-customize the personnel security and management!

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