The BLE module MS88SF2 is designed based on nRF52840 SOC with 23 2*17 mm small size, IMB Flash and 256kB RAM. This Bluetooth 5.0 module supports LISB data interface; with ARM Cortex-M4F processor and metal cover shield, 10-60 meters signal range in open space It has got the CE&FCC certification

BLE Bluetooth module

Bluetooth technology provides secure links between devices. And BLE is a kind of wireless communication designed especially far short-range communication. It is quite similar to Wi-Fi but BLE is suitable for the situation where battery life is preferred over high data transfer speeds. Far example, long battery life is no doubt essential for smart phones and wearable smart devices. According to the Statista Reports there will be 4 77 billion smart phones and the global wearable market is predicted to reach 126.1 million units in 2019.
The MS88SF2 BLE module is capable to be widely used in all BLE products & solution like cycle computer, heart rate monitor; blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, weighing machine, thermometer, mobile accessories sports and fitness sensors; remote controllers, key fobs and wrist band7 3D glasses and gaming controller etc.

BLE Bluetooth module 1

As an experienced Bluetooth products & solution provider, Minewtech has already served customers distributed in more than 100 countries and regions, with sold 12 million smart devices more today Interested in starting a BLE project? We will be your business booster.
The BLE module MS88SF2 samples are available from this September, please feel free to send us an email to

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