Nordic just launched the new Bluetooth 5.1 SoC nRF52833 yesterday which will open a new chapter for the bluetooth 5.1 technology. According to what Nordic introduced for the nRF52833, it added some new features compared to the previous nRF52811 version, For instance, dynamic multiprotocol, larger memory , extended ambient temprature range ( can be up to 105℃ ect. With those new features,it will expand the application fields and bring the new stage for the bluetooth technology. Let’s wait and see what will happen next.

Bluetooth® 5.1

Bluetooth® 5.1

Minew, as a strategic partner for Nordic, we have been working very closely to develop multiple bluetooth beacons and modules based on Bluetooth 5.1 nRF52833 SoCs to cater to the market demands. Except the hardware development, we are also developing our own solutions with bluetooth 5.1 direction finding features and AoA/AoD supported to make the accurate positioning. In this way, The solutions software company can take our products to use directly and then integrate into their system which means they don’t need to do the second development to figure out the location algorithm to get the expected range.

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