Prior to today, it always encountered the problems of small coverage, high latency and cost-intensive in wireless networking. With Mesh Network, these knotty problems are smoothly solved.Mesh Network System

Over rounds of testing, Minew has revolutionized the tags, adding new capabilities that support Mesh network system. Mesh is a network consisting of several nodes that connect wirelessly to one another, standing out in better coverage, smart management, stronger connection, easy configuration and more flexible customization. It offers an easy and economical alternative for providing broadband wireless Internet connectivity and could be called the web-in-the-sky. The scope of  Mesh network is significantly wide both in terms of architecture and applicability.

By partnering with Wirepas Mesh, Minew provides the hardware you need to set up your BLE Mesh Network. Based on the industrial grade Mesh network, our solutions are scalable, reliable and cost-efficient for customers worldwide.

The solution offers an easy to install and scalable location system for a wide range of applications. We provide the Bluetooth nodes and tags for networking, constructing the foundation of the mesh system. Our experienced teams are also willing to share our insights on the software part of the Mesh Solution.

Bluetooth nodes and tags

What Can We Do for You?
We see the increasing demand for cost effective, wide-ranging asset tracking solutions which are easy to deploy. Minew has an extensive product selection,including tags,beacons and sensors, is worthy of your trust. We allow high level hardware integration and lower the bill of material cost to satisfy varied market needs. For example, our i3 could be worked as the node, E9 is capable of being the tags in the mesh system. There are a few standout features of Minew BLE hardware, and we can help you

at:  i3 Robust Beacon & i9 Coin Beacon

Indoor Positioning
Real-time positioning can effectively manage your assets.

Asset Tracking
Visibility of asset improves the control of asset status

Sensors ensure to maintain appropriate operating conditions and take precautions

Why to Choose Our Product?

• Solid
• Low Energy
• Long Life Span
• Professional Support Team

With our BLE device now, you can easily set up your mesh system to stably cover a wide range, effectively achieve low latency and cut costs. The mesh system configures hundreds of thousands of nodes in a network by itself, which brings out more possibilities with lower costs. Together with our customized service and reliable products, your Mesh-enabled IoT system has the ability to choose a proper path to reach the destination.

Where You Could Apply Our Products & Services?

Minew’s hardware is a perfect fit to address the market need and can be extended to support large scale industrial applications.

industrial applications

Logistics Attach our powerful sensors to the assets, to realize full visibility of the end-to-end supply chain in logistics where involves millions of containers, pallets and billions of shipments of parcels.

Asset Tracking Gather info reliably, affordably and easily to improve processes and efficiency, our localization ensure your asset won’t get lost.

Industrial IoT Mesh system meets the needs in manufacturing industry which requires to monitor the condition of assets and perform predictive maintenance and safety control.

Smart Lighting The wireless mesh network can hold thousands of lights in one single network without compromises in throughput, latency, reliability or cost. See more in Wirepas

Smart Metering Based on reliable and secure software system, mesh solution offers trustful connectivity, affordable products and OTA software updates available.

General IoT Mesh solution also stands out in empathic building, smart hospital, washroom, construction, bed bug detection, etc.

Our engineering teams are here to help you, if you want to know more.

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