How to Develop Business using BLE Beacon Technology

Minew Aug 15, 2018

Proximity marketing is one of the most important applications of BLE beacon technology.
According the ProxReport in 2017, “75% of US retailers have integrated beacon technology into their marketing strategies and seen a 9% increase in profits and 175% ROI. And the proximity marketing market is expected to be worth USD 52.46 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 29.8% between 2016 and 2022.”
Proximity marketing broadly refers to the location-based distribution of advertisement. Marketers used to giving out leaflets, sending e-mails indiscriminately or hiring a sign spinner to drive sales and now distribution may be via a traditional localized broadcast, or more commonly is specifically targeted to devices known to be in a particular area.
However, in the situation of World Wide Web, consumers are getting to know about marketing tactics and have evolved to avoid spam. They are more concerned about privacy and expect more personalized recommendations.

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Things have changed since the appearance of iBeacon (2013) and Eddystone (2015) protocol. And with Bluetooth low energy, people are more frequent to leaving their Bluetooth on, which enable marketers to show notifications prompting users to get discounts, rewards or even place their usual order at the store they are in by using beacon technology. Using location based marketing, brands and marketers can show relevant targeted ads leading customers into the shop. According to xAD data, 60% of consumers who research goods and services in-store will buy on location.
As we all knows, most people in the city use smart devices to get directions for shopping malls, gyms or restaurants etc.. This is where location-based services and proximity marketing took off. With more businesses offering Wi-Fi in their stores, it is naturally happened that this technology has become a highly embraced channel for proximity marketing. By the way, WiFi and beacons can work in conjunction to provide better services, even prompting users to turn on their Bluetooth. As an experienced Bluetooth device solution provider, Minew strongly recommends businesses to introduce beacon technology as an powerful and effective addition of an existing Wi-Fi marketing. The long battery life and customized function development of the beacons makes them so cost-effective and capable for different scenario. For details of BLE beacon, you are welcomed to contact Minew team directly.

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Besides proximity marketing, Beacon technology is also capable to use in fields like health-care, logistics, security, home-use appliances and so on. By 2019, beacons are expected to reach 60 million customers, and more than 400 million beacons are to deployed by 2020.
Are you ready to experience the power of BLE beacon technology or are you already in it? What do you think of it? Welcome to share your opinions with us.

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