In the end of 2017, i never imagined that Minew can design and create a complete solution. At the moment of welcoming the 2020, we acknowledged proudly that almost up to 50 stores utilized Minew ESL solutions and they work steadily and successfully in these stores. Moreover, indoor location solutions is nearly approaching.

As for the the Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message from the United Kingdom, references an examples of ‘Neil Armstrong’, the first man who walks on the moon, with the pearls of wisdom —‘ taking a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind’.

Which let me date back to the path of Minew ESL and BLE5.0/5.1 modules is not that peaceful. We faces doubts, we face challenges, we feel anxieties and uncertainties. However, we hold the trust of ‘A giant leaps are from taking a small step’. We achieve trust,progress,cooperation and reconciliation.

Trust comes from Minew’s honesty
Progress comes from Minew’s consistent efforts.
Cooperation comes from Minew ESL & BLE module’s good quality and investment
Reconciliation comes from Minew’s core value of innovation, attitude of Never giving up.


Even though we faced a lot of challenges as the freshman of the industry, with the vision of innovation, unity, protection of environment,etc, we greatly grateful for all the partners, friends and customers, who are believe in us, our technology, our product.

As from the Christmas Message, the path is not always smooth and may at times felt bumpy, it won’t hinder Minew to go further.

Wishing all of Minewer and Minew’s Partners, Friends, customers a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.


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