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How to choose the suited Nordic chipset between nrf52840 and nrf52832?–the answer is in there!

Minew Apr 02, 2019

Preface:Choosing the suited chipset for your product is just like choosing the right person to marry. It is common that we hesitate in which chipset should we apply to our product. It is just like annoying problems that are haunting in our minds. Fortunately, this article will let you know how to choose the suited chipset between Nordic nrf52840 and nrf52832.

–Firstly, how should we find the right person (Chipset)?

Well, if we may not have much access to get the chipset from Nordic, how should I get the chipset? Nordic website is just like a social platform, you can get much 3rd party information from his website. For example, the supplier of module based on their chipset- inslight sip, minew, raytac,etc. They are the reliable and right person for you.The only thing you should do is to get in touch with them and try to know them more.

Direct Link: https://www.nordicsemi.com/Software-and-Tools/3rd-Party/3rd-party-modules.


(Source: Direct screenshoot from Nordic Website)

–Secondly, how should i get more details between these two chipset?

Before we go ahead to talking about this, please consider the following questions first? Are you have much time to do the research?

*Yes, pls directly go to the Nordic website, download the documents and do your research!

*No, let me tell you the details briefly.

Table: Main feature between nrf52840 and nrf52832

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–Thirdly, congratulation, it is time to find the right person(Chipset).

Sometimes the sole chipset may not meet our full requirement so that we may find the reliable module supplier. Thanks for Nordic to provide a platform for us to find the module supplier.

→In terms of certification, Minew, Raytac provide many kinds of certification, like BQB,FCC,CE,RCM,WPC,etc.

→As for price, Fanstel, Minew, Holy, can provide a competitive price for us.

→For hardware and firmware development capacities, Laird, Rigado, Minew is the best option for you.

–Last but no least, do not hesitate and try to contact them.

Here is the recommendation for Bluetooth module:

MS88SF2-nrf52840. Direct Link: https://www.minew.com/bluetooth-module/nrf52840-module-ms88sf2.html

MS50SFA-nrf52832. Direct Link: https://www.minew.com/bluetooth-module/nrf52832-module-ms50sfa.html


1.Nordicsemi.com. (2019). 3rd party modules. [online]

Available at: https://www.nordicsemi.com/Software-and-Tools/3rd-Party/3rd-party-modules[Accessed 28 Mar. 2019].

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