How Minew ESL smart retail solutions can do to avoid the Coronavirus outbreak?

Minew Apr 02, 2020

The impact of Coronavirus is increasingly severe recently. Most of us work at home to avoid the infection.

Although global eceonmy has been affected, Minew ESL smart retail solutions is essential in this critical moment. Below is the explanation why the ESL solutions is indispensable for retail industry.

1.Time-Saving and Reduce the Unnecessary Labor Costs

Minew ESL smart retail solutions consist of three parts: Gateway, ESLs and Cloud platform. After the outbreak of Coronavirus, government require us stay at home to avoid the risk of infection.
However, since citizens need to maintain the daily life, most of retail stores, supermarkets remain in business. How to save times and labors costs in this severe situation?

A, Changing the Product Information at Home

During the epidemic outbreak, the increasing price of raw materials will cause the increase of commodites’ price. Given that most of worker need to replace the old, paper labels manually, using traditional solutions is too time-consuming and labor-intensive. But using Minew’s cloud platform, you can change the price, content, labels’ design and template of the products in batches by JUST A SINGLE CLICK. Imagine only one worker runs the whole store effectively, and that is what Minew ESL smart retail solutions can do.

Moreover, to a largely extent, you don’t even need to arrive the store in person, you can stay at home, watch the movie and just spend little time to change the price in platform remotely.

B, LED Light Indicate the Product’s Location.

It is common that the employee cannot back to work during the current situation. Therefore, some of companies or stores will recruit people temporarily to meet the requirement of running a entire store. These worker are not familiar with the process and thus impacting the efficiency of the store.
To be honest, Minew ESL solutions can greatly optimized the efficiency of workers.
Minew MTag19 Series comes with three-color RCG lights and the Cloud platform can send command to make LED flashing. By doing so, workers locate, recognise the status, replenish the product easily.

2.Best Performance Management

Like more of Chain Stores, even though most of their stores located in various countries, cities, area, their prices remain uniform.
Due t the outbreak of viruses, the release of latest information may be delayed, omitted, and so on. It may affects the response speed and performance of the entire company.

To solve this problems, Minew ESL solutions provide a ready-to-use and humanize management solutions.
For example, a super administrator access can be allocated to managers. Through this access, managers can create multiple sub-stores. All the product information remain the same in different stores and can easily change by one click as well. After finish the integration with customers’ own systems, the change of information among Customers’ systems, ESLs, Cloud platform can be synchronized.

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