At May 31st 17:00 pm, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the 2-day Bluetooth Asia 2018 Conference comes to a successful end. The conference gathers industrial authorities, developers, domestic and overseas professional suppliers together, and attracts thousands visitors to see the latest technology and exchange learning.

Bluetooth® Asia 2018 end successfully, Minew earned highly reputation

In the Conference, experts from Ali A1 Lab, Bosch, CCSA, Mobike and other fields leading companies delivered keynote speeches and discussed essential points like how Bluetooth would play an affective role in commerce and industry, the possibility of Bluetooth mesh applications and related solutions. The developer conference launched by Bluetooth SIG included 6 institutions, not only show the latest technology and tools in the product development, also organize a series of activities themed Bluetooth development peripheral, Beacon&Mesh technology and so on. Their dynamic participation give attendees a deeper understanding and knowledge of the Bluetooth technology markets and trending.
As a professional IOT hardware manufacturer and supplier, Minew impressed the Conference with its newest products and solution applications, include BLE5.0 module, bluetooth ibeacon/Eddystone, ble wifi gateway and so on. Lots of visitors are attracted to booth to get more details and information.

Bluetooth® Asia 2018 end successfully, Minew earned highly reputation

Especially the Minew Bluetooth 5.0 module, becomes the center of the attention. Compare to Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0 has lower power consumption, faster speed rate, great distance, and easier to networking. These features make Bluetooth 5.0 module very interested by the visitors and attract large quantities inquiry with highly praise.

Bluetooth® Asia 2018 end successfully, Minew earned highly reputation

During the Conference, thanks to everyone’s close attention and great support, Minew’s exhibition got a successful outcome. In the future, we would continue our mission ‘internet every object’, keep focusing on the Bluetooth innovation and development to bring our customers more competitive products and services.

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