How Beacon Technology in Real Estate is Reshaping the Industry

Minew Apr 01, 2022

Beacon technology in real estate can play a critical role when you’re working 24/7 in the business and cannot contact your customers. With the help of this technology, the realtors can easily connect to the buyers that are in 300ft proximity and show them the listing. Thus, location-based marketing through beacons is becoming an effective strategy. Want to know more about the role of beacons in real estate? Stay tuned then!

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Beacon Technology in Real Estate – An Overview

Nowadays, the requirements and expectations of the people keep changing with every passing day. This has led to the development of mobile app companies and realtors to introduce advancements in technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy, augmented reality, wearables, and virtual reality. The reason behind the introduction of these technologies is extremely simple. Just like other industrial sectors out there, the real estate sector is also aiming to offer a pleasant experience to its customers. So, when they try to visit or search the property, they get everything in one place.

Beacon technology in real estate is thriving these days by keeping up with the changing needs of the business and people. As a result of its smartness, the technology acts proactively. It starts contacting prospective tenants or buyers with the help of beacon-enabled smartphones. In addition to this, beacons also transmit messages on the mobile phones of the customers when they come within the range. However, an important thing to remember here is that the Bluetooth feature of the smartphone must be turned on. This is important so that the customers can receive a notification. Thus, beacon technology plays a crucial role when it comes to micro-location marketing of the real-estate sector.

How Beacon Technology in Real Estate is Being Used

Whether you want to attract an open house or a large footfall or simply want to show property details to the customers, you can do it all with the help of the beacon technology in real estate. Below are some of the major applications of incorporating beacon technology in real estate sector.

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To Offer Property Details

When you deploy a beacon in the house or around it, it will send a notification on the smartphones of the prospective buyers who pass by the property. However, the only condition to this application is that the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth of the cell phone must be switched on. Once the phone connects with the beacon, details related to the property are sent to the people. What’s more, they can even schedule a tour of the property directly from the app. This is what helps the clients experience an improved user experience. When it comes to real estate agents, the beacon helps them in offering a customized contract to their prospective buyers.

For Triggering Automated Check-Ins

Another application of beacon technology in real estate is that it triggers automated check-ins. It works by prompting the visitors to register themselves through an application as soon as they enter the property. So, if you’re a landlord or an agent, you can easily get a list of the interested buyers. This will help you in formulating a strategy for the next steps that you need to take for showing the property to prospective buyers.

To Improve Marketing Strategy

With the help of beacon technology, you can offer details related to a property. You can do it by sending the URL on the smartphone of the prospective buyer. When they will access the URL that you sent, you will get the knowledge of the channel that the visitors most frequently use. So, based on these results, you can easily revamp your entire digital real estate strategy. This will help you leverage the benefits of website development and social media. Not only this, but you can also drive engagement by uploading creative videos or writing compelling copies.

For Sending Event Notifications

Let’s assume that you are an agent planning an open house or trying to launch a new project as a developer. In these scenarios, beacon technology in real estate can easily help you attract maximum footfall. For example, a few days or weeks before the event starts, you can send out notifications and details related to the event to the prospects present in the neighborhood. When you will send enticing media along with eye-catching content, it will attract more people to take a look at your project or the house.

To Embed a Virtual Tour Video

Most purchasers today, start their chase after another location on the web. They don’t try to go visit a property face to face. That’s because they don’t see sufficient visual and authentic data about the property. This justifiably comes down on you to get endlessly better with your visual presence and draw in the rising innovation-sharp market. Utilizing Bluetooth guides to send warnings about your posting is incredible, you can implant a virtual visit in your markdown card.

For Enhancing Customer Experience

With the help of beacon technology, you can offer an excellent customer experience to your prospective buyers through different mediums. For example, you can create welcome messages and informational brochures for them. Not only this, but you can also send different notifications to the people that visit the nearby retail outlet, public transport, academic institutes, etc. This will provide the customers with an enriching experience and you will also get a competitive edge in the industry.

Final Words

The beacon technology in real estate has taken the entire sector by storm. In this article, we have mentioned a few basic applications of this technology in the real estate industry. It also covers how it can shape its future. For example, you can use it to increase sales and keep the customers updated. Thus, beacons can play unlimited multiple roles in the growth of the real estate business. Need more information? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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