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MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth® Badge

MWC01 Rechargeable Badge is available in two versions to fulfill the needs of industries: MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge (AoA Ver.) and MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge, both of which support RFID and respectively use Bluetooth® LE 5.1 and 5.0 for people management. Recharging is made simple with the magnetic charging port. Besides, it has an external button and a vibration motor that are helpful to the visually impaired and can be used for first assistance or to report the wearer’s status.


AoA positioning sub-meter accuracy

2 2

Smart magnetic charging


Multiple RFID frequencies

4 1

User-friendly vibration motor


Wearable & credit-card sized design


IP67 dust & water resistance

AoA G2 Gateway Starter Kit expands more capabilities of MWC01

1 1

Smart magnetic charging

2 3

User-friendly vibration motor


Multiple RFID frequencies

4 2

Wearable & credit-card sized design

5 1

IP67 dust & water resistance

6 1

492 ft (150 m) broadcast distance

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MWC01 Rechargeable Badge (AoA Ver.)

MWC01 Rechargeable Badge

Material ABS + PC
Color White
Size (L * W * H) 86 * 55 * 6 mm
Weight 20 g
Resistant level IP67
Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 320 mAh 1 rechargeable battery, 270 mAh
Battery life Up to 8 months Up to 3 months
Charging time About 2 h
Sensor Accelerometer
Button 1 external button
Vibration motor Yes
RFID LF/HF/UHF (optional)
OTA Supported
Configuration app nRF Connect BeaconSET+
Bluetooth version Bluetooth® LE 5.1 Bluetooth® LE 5.0

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