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Minew Aug 10, 2023

In today’s IoT world, businesses are seeking innovative hardware and smart devices to enhance their operations and deliver satisfying customer experiences. Minew, a professional innovator and designer of IoT devices, offers a range of cutting-edge location beacons designed to address the unique challenges of indoor navigation, inventory tracking, and more.

Find out Which Location Beacon

Potential Challenges

The intricacies of inventory tracking, particularly in sectors like retail, manufacturing, and logistics, require accurate real-time visibility to mitigate discrepancies and streamline supply chains.

The complexities of indoor navigation within bustling spaces such as commercial complexes and museums necessitate a dynamic approach to guide visitors seamlessly. Retailers seek enhanced methods of engaging customers and promoting products effectively within their stores. Furthermore, the deployment of technology in challenging environments, often characterized by extreme conditions, demands rugged solutions to ensure reliability. Minew’s cutting-edge location beacons, including the E5, MBM02, and MBS02, rise to these challenges with their advanced features, presenting a compelling case for their integration in a diverse range of industries.

How Location Beacons Help in Various Cases

✔ Inventory Tracking and Management Challenges

In industries spanning retail, manufacturing, and logistics, tracking and managing inventory efficiently is paramount. Manual inventory counts are time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to discrepancies, stockouts, and excess holding costs. Accurate and real-time inventory visibility is essential for optimizing supply chains and reducing operational inefficiencies.

What can location beacons do: Minew’s E5 Location Beacon and MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon provide precise indoor location services, enabling automated inventory tracking. By attaching these beacons to assets or inventory items, businesses gain real-time insights into their location and movement. This streamlines inventory management, improves accuracy, and facilitates timely replenishment.

✔ Indoor Navigation Complexities

Navigating indoor spaces, such as shopping malls, museums, and commercial complexes, poses unique challenges. Visitors often struggle to find specific locations, exhibits, or stores, leading to frustration and reduced customer satisfaction. Traditional signage may not suffice for dynamic indoor environments.

What can location beacons do: The MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon is specifically designed to address indoor navigation challenges. By deploying these beacons strategically, businesses can develop them to provide visitors with accurate and real-time directions through mobile apps. This enhances user experience, increases engagement, and encourages exploration within indoor spaces.

✔ Enhancing Retail Promotion and Engagement

Retailers face the ongoing challenge of engaging customers and promoting products effectively within physical stores. In a busy retail setting, conventional methods of advertising may not be effective in catching the attention of customers, leading to missed sales opportunities.

What can location beacons do: Minew’s location beacons, such as the E5 and MBM02, offer proximity-based advertising capabilities. Retailers can create targeted promotions and push notifications to customers’ smartphones as they move through the store. This personalized approach enhances customer engagement, increases the likelihood of conversions, and optimizes the retail experience.

To summarize, many industries encounter obstacles that highlight the necessity for advanced indoor positioning and tracking solutions. Minew provides a variety of location beacons such as the E5, MBM02, and MBS02, which offer an impressive range of features and capabilities that specifically tackle these issues. By utilizing these IoT-based devices, companies can improve their operational efficiency, provide better customer experiences, and gain an advantage in the current competitive market.

A Comprehensive Comparison Diving into Specs

By understanding the capabilities of each beacon, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their indoor location tracking strategies.

Comprehensive Comparison

When selecting among the MBS02, E5, and MBM02 location beacons, customers should consider their specific requirements and use cases. For businesses seeking accurate and reliable indoor information pushing, route guiding, and clock-in management, the MBS02 is an excellent choice with its superior RF performance and extended battery life. If inventory tracking and route navigation are the primary objectives, the E5 location beacon, with its replaceable battery and simultaneous iBeacon and Eddystone advertising capabilities, becomes a preferred option. Alternatively, for businesses focused on way-finding and navigation, push notifications, and long-term reliability, the MBM02 proximity location beacon with its waterproof design, extended battery life, and impressive broadcast transmission distance emerges as a reliable solution.


Learn Each in Depth

MBS02 Location Beacon – Empowering Indoor Navigation and Beyond

MBS02 Location Beacon

The MBS02 Location Beacon, a flagship product from Minew, is tailored to meet the demands of indoor information pushing, route guiding, and clock-in management. Its cutting-edge Bluetooth® LE 5.0 chip ensures superior RF performance, enabling accurate and reliable indoor positioning. We delve into the key features that set the MBS02 apart, including its remarkable 6.5-year battery life, extensive 150-meter broadcast range, IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection, and sleek, lightweight design. Additionally, we explore multiple deployment options and highlight real-world scenarios where the MBS02 excels, such as in indoor buildings, hospitals, retail environments, and shopping malls.


E5 Location Beacon – Indoor Inventory Tracking and Route Navigation

 E5 Location BeaconThe E5 Location Beacon stands at the forefront of indoor inventory tracking and route navigation solutions. Leveraging the latest Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology and a stable RSSI signal, it offers exceptional performance for various indoor location applications. We delve into the features that make the E5 a standout choice, including its ability to simultaneously advertise iBeacon and Eddystone, a replaceable 2,400mAh battery for extended operation, a maximum advertising distance of 120 meters, and an intuitive internal power ON/OFF push button. Furthermore, we explore its versatile applications in indoor location services, retail promotions, activity monitoring, and inventory tracking.



MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon – Reliable for Indoor Navigation and Push Notifications

MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon

The MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon emerges as an ideal gadget for indoor navigation and push notifications. With its stable hardware design, IP67 waterproof rating, and high-performance Bluetooth® chip, it offers exceptional durability and longevity. We explore the remarkable features that make the MBM02 a reliable choice, including its precise indoor navigation capabilities, location-based push notifications, impressive battery life of up to 10 years (replaceable), a broadcast transmission distance of 150 meters, and IP67 dustproof and waterproof protection. We showcase its applications in smart venues and smart retail environments, demonstrating how it enables accurate and real-time directions in exhibitions, museums, libraries, and commercial complexes.


In conclusion, Minew offers a remarkable lineup of location beacons that cater to diverse indoor navigation needs. The MBS02 Location Beacon empowers indoor navigation, information pushing, and clock-in management with its superior RF performance and impressive battery life. The E5 Location Beacon revolutionizes indoor inventory tracking and route navigation with its advanced features. The MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon stands out as a reliable solution for indoor navigation and push notifications. By understanding the distinctive features, applications, and specifications of these beacons, businesses can optimize their operations and deliver exceptional experiences in indoor environments.

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