5 Major Industries where we can use Bluetooth® LE Beacon Technology

Minew Aug 12, 2021

Ideal for industrial environments

Ble Beacon

BLE Beacon is cost-effective, easy to configure, and very reliable. Unlike GPS or RFID, thick walls, underground air, or metallic structures do not interfere with the signals sent by beacons. This is because, unlike conventional Bluetooth, BLE generates radio waves permeable to physical media as a great option for indoor locations.

Also, as its name implies, it consumes far less energy. Its internal battery can have more than 5 years of useful life, some can be solar-powered (and last forever) and others can be powered permanently.

The above two factors make beacons ideal for the industrial environment, as they are often placed in inaccessible, dangerous, and interference-filled areas, where makes it difficult to send signals and being maintained.

Myths and Truths about beacons

BLE Beacon compete  with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology

False. Although some functions are similar, NFC-compatible devices tend to both receive and send data. In addition, beacons have a much larger range and do not require the user to bring their smartphone at least 20 centimeters away.

Beacons are not able to run programs or tasks

True. As already mentioned, the ability to perform actions is in the application that receives the signal from the beacon, interpreting it and triggering some local process. There are also BLE gateways that transmit the beacon signals over the network to a server that will perform a programmed action according to the type of signal received.

BLE Beacon is unable to determine geographic coordinates

True. They can only report how far a user is from the point at which they are fixed. All other tasks are performed by the application receiving the data or through complementary positioning technologies.

Beacons are exclusive to Apple, only work with iPhones

False. Although BLE Beacon is a technology originally developed by Apple in 2013, Google launched its competitor in 2015 and today there are hundreds of manufacturers around the world. The beacons work with any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, be it a smartphone (with Android, iOS or Windows), watches, notebooks or any other gadget.

Beacons and BLE tags are more expensive than RFID tags

Partially true: RFID tags, if purchased in bulk, cost only a few cents and don’t need a battery to run, as they only reflect radio waves emitted by an antenna or reader. And that’s where beacons can take advantage: these RFID antennas and readers consume a lot of energy, don’t pick up the signals reflected by the tags over long distances, and require the installation of very expensive and complex infrastructure.

Competitive differentials about BLE Beacon

It is indisputable how the use of beacons can improve the levels of productivity and efficiency of your maintenance teams. But what will differentiate your company from other competitors will be the ability to leverage the data collected by this technology.

Equipment problems that previously seemed very complex and impossible for humans to solve are now made easier with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. And beacons are ideal partners for collecting the data that will feed those systems.

How to detect failures in BLE Beacon?

With them, it will be possible to predict failures and prescribe solutions using millions of sensory data collected throughout the day. Or determine spare part purchases based on detected activities. All of this will result in improved operational efficiency with increased plant reliability and availability.

Ever wondered how your smartphone notifies you of some promotions and offers from commercial establishments, close to where you go?

1628769115-Ble Beacon 2021

This incredible action is possible by BLE Beacon. It seems like the place is monitoring you, doesn’t it? And in fact, it is.

Beacons allow you to customize the shopping experience and make it more attractive

Through technological processes and making use of the so-called proximity marketing, these elements make it possible to guarantee differentiated processes and experiences for customers in the vicinity of commercial establishments.

In this article, we’ll show you what BLE Beacon is and how they can help a company in proximity marketing. Follow up.

What is BLE Beacon?

These are the latest devices using Bluetooth technology to transmit data.

They are also called indoor positioning devices because they can locate where the person is within the place, as well as their movements with good precision.

The idea is to allow for faster interaction between potential customers and points of sale.

The beacon devices have an affordable cost; can be installed on walls, products or showcases, allowing communication between the company and the public through location and without the need for internet access, as it uses the smartphone’s Bluetooth to send messages.

Which is the best application of BLE Beacon?

They are small signaling devices that can be placed indoors (such as a store) having the ability to communicate with or identify any other device, such as smartphones.

They use BLE technology, a type of Bluetooth that uses less energy.

The key to beacons is Low Energy Bluetooth, a technological evolution that allows you to leave the communication channel always on, however, without wasting too much energy. In addition, beacons can work even without a connection to the carrier’s cellular network.

How much energy does BLE Beacon consume?

Beacons consume less energy compared to common Bluetooth and, in addition, it is easier to penetrate walls, as they emit radio waves. So they really are indoor tools.

So, the beacon is like a signal emitter and the consumer’s smartphone is its receiver.

Thus, if the customer has the store’s app installed on his cell phone and Bluetooth turned on, he can receive notifications and other promotional actions from that store.



  • Strengthening the brand and increasing engagement at the POS ;
  • Proximity marketing strategy;
  • Customizable customer service and relationship;
  • Improved customer experience at the time of purchase;
  • Greater valuation of the company from the consumer;
  • Improved management and administrative control.

Regardless of the type of business, the beacon is an excellent strategy for boosting sales. It can be common in several segments:

Retail: increase customer interaction with local products. Identify which sector the customer is in and thus send notifications related to their cell phone;

Hospitality services: offer guests materials such as digital newspapers at appropriate times.

Real estate: promoting properties for rent or for sale;

Business: improve Networking in meetings and conferences, improve communication and distribution of information and company activities;

Hospitals: help with medical records and clipboards.

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