nRF52810 – MS50SFB1

Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module

The MS50SFB1 module is a powerful, compact size, highly flexible, ultra-low power wireless Bluetooth® LE 5.0/5.1 Module based on Multi Nordic nRF52 series SoCs with an optimized and complete radio design of 3 types of antenna available: PCB/Ceramic antenna or u.FL(IPEX) connector for external antenna. It’s complete regulatory certifications enable faster time to market and reduced development risk of your Bluetooth design.

Product Characteristics

  • Highly Integrated Solution
  • Available with Nordic nRF52810/nRF52811/nRF52832 SoCs, with ARM Cortex-M4 processor
  • Integrated external 32.768K crystal oscillator
  • Available with PCB Trace/Ceramic Antenna and u.FL connector, Metal Shied
  • 512/192KB Flash and 64/24KB RAM
  • Support Preload Minew High Speed Master/Slave Uart Firmware(Except nRF52811 version)
  • Support iBeacon Broadcast Mode


Product Variants: MS50SFB1-1Y10AIR
PCB Antenna:
Chip Inside: nRF52810
Bluetooth Qualification: v5.0(Bluetooth Low Energy)
Bluetooth low Energy Output Power EIRP[dBm]: 4
Maximum Range [m]: 100
Maximum Number Of Connections: 8
Standalone Module Open CPU:
SPl: 1
TwI (2C compatible): 1
GPIO: 32
ADC: 8
PWM: 4
Minimum Supply [M]: 1.7
Maximum Supply [M]: 3.6
Maximum Temperature [C]: 85
Minimum Temperature [C]: -40
Size [mm]: 20 ×12× 2



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Bluetooth® LE
Bluetooth® LE
Powerful Nordic nRF52 Series SoCs
Powerful Nordic nRF52 Series SoCs
Compact Size
Compact Size
Global Certification
Global Certification
Cost Effective
Cost Effective


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