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B10 Emergency Button

Quick & simple! Minew’s B10 wristband Emergency Button is designed for priorities, whose caregiver can track the movement and status of the wearer, and assistance can be provided when necessary. In case of emergency, users can also call for help by pressing the button on B10.

SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm

NFC Available

NFC Available

Fast Indoor Positioning

Fast Indoor Positioning

Multiple Wearing Styles

Multiple Wearing Styles

Smart Magnetic Charging

Smart Magnetic Charging

Key Benefits of B10

Perfect for seniors who want to maintain their independence at home or caring center, while making caregivers easy to manage.




Vibration Response with a Simple Press

Visual or auditory disability-friendly with built-in vibrating motor. Self-awareness and fast response to any help by pressing the panic button on the device

Multiple Wearing Styles

Giving you more options by switching different silicone sleeves, which can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

Smart Magnetic Charging

Easy to align and auto suction with 2 pins for strong magnetic suction charging.

IP66 Waterproof

lt is qualified with lP66 rating. Waterproof and dustproof guaranteed.

Up to 60 Days Life Time per Charging

Long standby time for 24/7 service, get help anytime, anywhere.

Up to 100 Meters (328 ft.) Transmission Distance

Cover longer range to ensure more stable connection within scope of activity.

Configured on Minew App BeaconSET+

You can configure broadcasting parameters on Minew App BeaconSET+, or develop your own App with the SDK provided by Minew.
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Size: Φ38*10.5mm (main body), 270*41*11.7mm (wristband case), 47*40*11.7mm (hanging case)
Materials: ABS+Silicone
Battery: Lithium polymer battery
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Weight 11g (main body), 30g (wristband case), 22g (hanging case)
Color Black & Red
Operating Range Temperature: -20~50℃ / Humidity: 50±20%RH
Bluetooth protocol BLE 5.0
Waterproof IP66
Built-in sensor Accelerometer
Broadcasting range Up to 100m

  • Q. What is the accuracy of the tilt angle that can be detected by B10 Phase II? What sensors are needed to work with it?

    We use 6-axis Acc sensor, with the measurement range of acceleration FS =±2g, 0.061mg/LSB, angular rate FS =±250dps, 8.75mdps/LSB. The value given by the sensor is the angular rate, which is the angle of rotation per second, instead of the tilt angle.

  • Q. Do you have a threshold to determine if the item is falling down?

    Falling down detection is not available by Minew. It can work if you have relevant algorithms.

  • Q. What is the number of B10’s charging cycles?

    More than 1,000 times, and the charging method will not affect the number of charging cycles.

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