D15N Keychain Beacon

D15N Keychain Beacon for Medical Care D15N Keychain Beacon
D15N Keychain Beacon for Medical Care

The D15N is a Keychain Beacon with Bluetooth® 5.0 tech and a programmable push-button inside for emergency, it’s a perfect choice for staff management, proximity information pushing and indoor positioning in public areas, including shops and airports, etc.

  • Bluetooth® LE 5.0
  • Protective housing
  • With key-chain hole
  • Push button
  • The max. 70 meters advertising distance
  • Advertise iBeacon & Eddystone simultaneously
Lightweight & Portable in small size

Lightweight & Portable in small size

The weight of 7g and compact size makes it seem like it doesn't exist. D15N does well in personnel and asset tracking & positioning in various applications without much deployment and installation costs.

Sleek, rounded look

Sleek, rounded look

Smooth lines, fashionable white, we make D15N aesthetic. The rounded design of this gadget makes it comfortable to wear. And you may even not notice it as its dimension is only 35mm diameter and 8.2mm thickness, which is a good option when you want it to be neglectable.

Configurable button functions

Configurable button functions

D15N is versatile as its push-button can be defined to advertise different data to meet different applications by click, double-click, and triple-click. For more functions, the configuration instruction can be referred to.

Help button

Help button

If any emergency, just presses the button on it. The button can be configured as a panic button based on the actual use. It is easy to press and stable to use.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios

Activity monitoring
Personnel tracking
Asset tracking and location
Inventory tracking


D15N Keychain Beacon Specifications * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Dimension Φ35x8mm
Weight 7g(battery included)
Device Firmware iBeacon & Eddystone(Default)
Battery CR series button battery, 160mAh
Broadcasting range 70m

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