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High Cost-effetive Wi-Fi &BLE Combo Module

Ultra-low Power Wi-Fi Modules + Bluetooth and SoCs from the Global Leader in IoT, which supports multiprotocol, RF performance, and ultra-low power consumption. The module are Wi-Fi 4/6 and Bluetooth® 5 module,and built around ESP32-C3/nRF7002 SoC, it's small, high-safety & stability and has large storage space which can be widely used in smart home, consumer electronics, wearable devices and other fields. Come to get the WiFi modules with Bluetooth and lead your product faster enter to market.

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ESP32-C3FN4 MS11SF11

Development Kit

This Development Kit provides a great starting point for almost any Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, Thread, or Zigbee project(nRF52840). All features of the Minew modules are easily accessed from the development board.

If you're interested in Minew's Bluetooth module development kits, click Buy Now to purchase samples now.

Development Board & Carrier Board



Wifi Modules for IoT Applications

Equipment for pets

Medical electronics

Programming for Education

Smart Home

Wearable devices

Speed Classic Use Cases Development

Smart city

Our connectivity modules can make everyday municipal operations more efficient. By connecting city services such as lighting, parking, waste removal, and more, cities can optimize the use of utilities and personnel to save time and money.

Bluetooth Beacon Asset Management

Bluetooth Beacon Personnel Management

Smart Industry

Minew's connectivity modules can realize various always-on monitoring functions by deploying IoT-connected sensors. With our long range, low power, and long battery life modules, you can achieve smart manufacturing, such as reduce costs, improve quality, speed up production and optimize factory operation,etc

Smart Home

Minew's connectivity modules turn your home into an intelligent and controllable system that connects the electronic products in your home through a wireless network so that they can be controlled centrally.

Bluetooth Beacon Optional Sensor

Bluetooth Beacon Waterproof

Intelligent Healthcare

Minew's connectivity modules is helpful for keeping track of hospital equipment when an asset tracking technology is activated. By connecting high-efficienc low energy module can perform various tasks for remote health care industries.

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