Designed for managing Beacon tags and sensors parameters. It provides a user-friendly interface for users to customize settings, update firmware, and optimize the performance of the devices. With features such as proximity adjustments, broadcast frequency, and firmware version control, BeaconSET+ ensures a comprehensive test of Beacon tags and sensors, supporting a wide range of devices including MBS02, MBM02, MBS02, MSL01, MSP01,MBS01, MBT01, MWB01, MWC01, MWC02, and more.


MSensor is a dedicated tool tailored for the configuration and maintenance of Beacon tags and sensors. It facilitates the seamless integration of Beacon devices into a network, allowing to fine-tune parameters, monitor sensor data. MSensor include features such as signal environment data logging, and real-time diagnostics to enhance the reliability and efficiency of Beacon tags and sensors. A few examples are MSR01, MST01, MTB02, S4, etc.


Designed specifically for gateways in an IoT infrastructure. This tool streamlines the setup and management of gateways, ensuring optimal communication between IoT devices and the central network. GatewayConfig may offer functionalities such as network configuration, security settings, and firmware updates for gateways. For example, the MG3 USB Mini Gateway and MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway.

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