MWC01 Badge Bluetooth® Repeater and MBT02 Asset Bluetooth® Repeater

Upgrade Your Asset and People Management.

MWC01 Badge Repeater and MBT02 Asset Repeater MWC01 Badge Bluetooth® Repeater and MBT02 Asset Bluetooth® Repeater
personnel management

MRepeater integration, MWC01 Badge Bluetooth® Repeater and MBT02 Asset Bluetooth® Repeater. MWC01 performs accurate personnel management, with high accuracy and emergency response abilities. Besides, MBT02 performs asset tracking with efficiency. Improve workplace efficiency and security with these 2 smart gadgets, which provide precise people management, and efficient asset monitoring, and both of them are cutting-edge hardware solutions in IoT industry.

MWC01 Badge Repeater

  • High positioning accuracy
  • Vibration feedback
  • Smart magnetic charging
  • IP67 dust & water resistance
  • Multiple RFID frequencies

MBT02 Asset Repeater

  • Broadcasting & scanning supported
  • Disassembly alerts reminding
  • 3 years service life
  • Batch device management
  • Flexible deployment
  • Lightweight design

How it works

loT Gateway & Cloud Server

The gateway uploads the data to the cloud server. The cloud server analyzes and processes the data to achieve asset and people management functions.


The repeaters collect the Bluetooth signals broadcast by the beacons and then forward the data to the gateway.

Bluetooth Beacon

Beacons are reasonably pasted to walls or pillars. Beacons broadcast Bluetooth signals in real-time.

Cost-effective Indoor Positioning Solutions

Cost-effective Indoor Positioning Solutions

The repeater solution reduces the deployment of Bluetooth gateways significantly, making it a cost-effective way for indoor location. Lower costs, and efficient, real-time asset tracking offer operational savings and flexibility in various industries.

Solutions for Improved Asset Security

Solutions for Improved Asset Security

MBT02's anti-tamper switch and real-time tracking improve asset security. Receive immediate notifications for illegal access or removal, providing complete security and reducing the risk of asset loss.

People Management with Accuracy

People Management with Accuracy

With the MWC01's Bluetooth location and emergency response functions, you can implement accurate staff management. Improve workplace safety and productivity by correctly detecting positions, allowing for quick replies in emergency circumstances.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios

Industrial Workspaces
Office Environments
Healthcare Facilities
Warehouse Asset Tracking


MWC01MBT02 * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Model MWC01 Badge Repeater MBT02 Asset Repeater
Material ABS + PC ABS
Weight 19 g 17 g
Protection IP67 /
Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 290 mAh Coin battery, 500 mAh
Battery Life One charge – 16 days
(Active time < 8 hours)
3 years (default setting)
Sensor Accelerometer Accelerometer (optional)
Vibration Motor /
LED 1 RGB light Red
RFID LF/ HF/ UHF optional /
OTA Supported Supported
Configuration App MRepeater (Android supported) MRepeater (Android supported)

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