B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband

B9 Medical Cut-off Alert Wristband B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband
B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband for Medical Applications

B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband is a smart wearable beacon device designed to enhance personal safety and security. Equipped with Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology, this wristband is designed to trigger an alert if it is cut off or removed without authorization. Its intelligent design allows it to be switched off only via the app, ensuring better management and control. The B9 wristband is ideal for real-time monitoring in various settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and factories.

  • Bluetooth® LE 5.0
  • Cut-off alert
  • App-controlled switch off
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Eco-friendly wristband, FDA-compliant
  • Wide application

How it works

B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband
Cut-off Alert for Security

Cut-off Alert for Security

B9 Wristband is designed with a unique cut-off alert feature. If the wristband is removed or cut off without authorization, it triggers an immediate alert. This feature provides an extra layer of security, ensuring the safety of the wearer at all times.

Real-Time Tracking and Management for Optimal Safety

Real-Time Tracking and Management for Optimal Safety

B9 Wristband makes it possible to manage personnel in real-time. With this capability, you may feel more secure and protected in a variety of settings while keeping an eye on the location.

App-Controlled for Better Management

App-Controlled for Better Management

B9 offers enhanced control and management through a dedicated app, BeaconSET+. The wristband can only be switched off via this app, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring that the device is always under your control.

Seamless Solutions for Diverse Scenarios

Nursing homes


B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband Specifications * For precise measurements, please refer to the physical object.
Products B6 B7 B9
Relevant App configuration BeaconSET BeaconSET+ BeaconSET+
Data Collected by Gateway
Waterproof IP66 IP67 IP67
Cloud Demonstration
Temperature Monitoring × × ×
One Call For Help × ×
Acceleration Sensor × ×
Anti-tamper × ×
Rechargeable × × ×

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