High Precision GPS / GNSS Receiver Modules


The GNSS module series integrate the latest generation of GNSS technology, delivering highly accurate positions with minimal power consumption. Combining high positioning accuracy and indoor sensitivity with powerful processing capabilities, our GNSS modules simultaneously support multiple global navigation systems including the U.S. GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, as well BeiDou, QZSS and NavIC.

Get exceptional GNSS positioning modules for your mission-critical IoT application. Our GNSS modules deliver accurate continuous location and centimeter-level accuracy position.

GNSS / GPS Module Advantages


Multi constellation band 1

Multi-constellation & band

RTK Engine 2

RTK Engine

IMU Navigation 3

IMU Navigation

Low Power 4

Low Power

Centimeter Level Accuracy 5

Centimeter-Level Accuracy

Industrial grade tempreture 6

Industrial-grade tempreture

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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Positioning Modules for IoT Applications



Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking



Lane level Navigation

Lane-level Navigation



Precision Agriculture


Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

Surveying Geodesy

Surveying & Geodesy

Get Centimeter Level Positioning Accuracy In Your GPS GNSS Projects

Navigation and Mapping

GNSS modules are widely used in navigation systems for vehicles, ships, and aircraft. They provide accurate positioning and real-time tracking, enabling precise navigation and mapping applications.

Bluetooth Beacon Asset Management


Bluetooth Beacon Personnel Management

Precision Agriculture


GNSS modules are used in precision agriculture to optimize farming operations. They enable farmers to precisely track and map field boundaries, monitor crop health, and apply fertilizers or pesticides with high precision.


Surveying and Geodesy


GNSS modules are used by surveyors and geodesists to determine precise positions of points on the Earth’s surface. This information is essential for cartography, construction, urban planning, and infrastructure development.

Bluetooth Beacon Optional Sensor


Bluetooth Beacon Waterproof

Location-Based Services (LBS)


Many location-based services, such as ride-hailing apps, weather updates, local business searches, and social media check-ins, rely on GNSS technology to provide accurate location information to users.


Asset Tracking


GNSS modules are utilized in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and asset tracking solutions to monitor the location of objects, vehicles, or equipment in real-time.

Bluetooth Beacon Optional Sensor


Bluetooth Beacon Waterproof



GNSS technology is employed in UAVs and drones for autonomous flight, precise navigation,and geotagging aerial images or videos.




A GNSS module for micromobility is designed for small electric vehicles like scooters and bikes. It provides accurate positioning and navigation for real-time tracking, route optimization,anti-theft, and improved safety and user experience in micromobility services.

Bluetooth Beacon Optional Sensor


Bluetooth Beacon Waterproof

Personal / Pet Tracking


GNSS modules for personal/pet tracking are designed to track the real-time location of individuals or pets. They offer features like geo-fencing, emergency assistance, activity monitoring, and mobile app integration, providing enhanced safety and security for users and their pets.


How the Module is Produced?


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