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BLE Sensor Tag

MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor

MSL01 Wireless Water-Leak Sensor

MST01 Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor

MSP01 Passive Infrared Sensor

MSV01 Vibration Sensor

S1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

E7 Accelerometer Senso
IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof

E8 Asset Tag
Mini size for asset tracking

C10 Card Beacon

Door/Window Sensor
Door open alarm

IoT Starter Kits

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Connectable Tag Manager Kit

Asset Tracking Kit

IoT Starter Kit – MVS
Smart Venue Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MOS
Smart Office Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MHS
Smart Healthcare Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MWS
Smart Warehouse Suite

Minew’s Bluetooth Sensor support multiple application scenarios

Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

With the built-in temperature and humidity sensor, Minew's sensor tags help monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the device is located or the items it attached. With up to IP66 waterproof, the sensor tag (such as S1) can accurately detect real-time temperature even in wet environment. Minew's S1 sensor provides up to 2048 data storage and enables data visibility for monitoring and inspection by its e-paper display. The abnormal alarm can be set to well preserve the tagged asset, allowing timely response to unexpected situations, avoiding the asset damage or invalidation caused by the beyond-range temperature and humility.



Smart Security Management

The window/door magnetic sensor contributes to the home automation. After being connected to the configurable App, the sensor tag helps in real-time and remote monitoring of the openning and closing of doors and windows to safeguard assets security and personnel safety. By using the tag at home, any unauthorized and unex break-in will alert users through alarm notifications. Likewise, deploying the sensor tag on special scenarios, such as food coolers in supermarkets, assists administrators in receiving timely information if being opened for a long time. Then the administrator can close the cooler' door which left open by customers, reducing the risk of assets damage and saving energy.

Sensitive Movement Detection

With a highly sensitive acceleration sensor, real-time and accurate monitoring of the movement of the target asset is easy to access. Especially for scenarios where the movement status and trajectory of items need to be closely monitored, Minew's sensor tags with the acceleration sensor provide data uploading to the Cloud platform, helping administrators complete remotely monitoring and motion analysis.



Ambient Light Sensing

With the built-in light sensor, Minew' S2 sensor tag can sense the ambient light. Combined with actual use cases and further software development, asset tracking and management can be implemented in museums, warehouses and other scenarios. In addition to the sensing ability, Minew's sensor tags also provide accurate locating, further accelerate your smart IoT applications.

Application Scenarios

ble sensor product

Minew Custom Service

ble sensor ico1

Electronic Design
* Schematic and PCB Layout
* RF Test equipment for full verification
* Tight integration with mechanical design for low cost reliability

ble sensor ico2

Mechanical / Industrial Design
* Concept to Design
* Full Mechanical CAD
* Injection Molding

ble sensor ico3

Firmware Development
* Bluetooth Connectivity and Stack Expertise
* Embedded Firmware Development

ble sensor ico4

* Regulatory Certifications BQB, FCC, IC, CE, etc

ble sensor ico5

OEM / OEM Manufacturing
* Competitive Components Sourcing
* Fast Prototyping and on-time Mass Production
* Product Testing, Packaging and Quality Assurance

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