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Smart Wearable

B10 Emergency Button

B8 Plus

B8 Social Distancing Wristband

B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband

B7 Wristband beacon

B6 Wristband beacon

C10 Card beacon

C6 Wearable Beacon

D15N Keychain Beacon

Bluetooth Beacon

P1 Plus Robust Beacon

i11 Road Stud Beacon

i10 Indoor Beacon

E9 Dear Beacon

i3 Robust Beacon

E2 Max Beacon

E5 Location Beacon

U1 Programmable Tag

C3 USB Beacon Tag

T1 Mini Beacon Tag

T2 Mini Beacon Tag

T3 Mini Beacon Tag

E6 Light Beacon

i9 Coin Tag

i6 Ultra-thin Tag

E8 Asset Tracking Tag

E7 Plus Beacon

F6 BLE Key Finder

Sensor Tag

S4 Door / Window Sensor

S3 Temp and Humidity Sensor

S2 Light Sensor Beacon

S1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

E8S Accelerometer Beacon

IoT Development Kit

IoT Starter Kit

IoT Gateway

BLE to WiFi/Ethernet Gateway

side chat