Shenzhen, China. Nov 15, 2023 – Minew Technologies, a professional IoT smart device innovator and manufacturer, is proud to introduce the MTB02 Paper Asset Tag, an outstanding innovation to its comprehensive range of industrial asset management offerings.

MTB02 Paper Asset Tag

It is more important than ever to have effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly asset-tracking tools as industries continue to change in the modern age. With its amazing ultra-thin design, long battery life, and wide range of uses, the MTB02 Paper Asset Tag is on track to completely alter how businesses track and manage their assets.

Ultra-Thin Asset Tracking: Efficiency Enhanced

Measuring at an astonishingly slim 2.1 mm thickness, the MTB02 is engineered for versatility and efficiency. This ultra-thin design allows for flexibility, enabling it to be affixed to a wide range of assets and equipment. With the capability to bend up to 60 degrees, it seamlessly integrates into various industrial scenarios. From warehouses to smart offices, its adaptability knows no bounds.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Minew places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. The MTB02 features eco-friendly paper batteries that are free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, ensuring safety for both users and the environment. Certified by renowned environmental and safety standards like RoHS and CE, it can be directly transported by air or sea, ensuring a responsible ecological footprint.


Extended Battery Life: Maximizing Uptime

The MTB02 Paper Asset Tag is not just thin. Compared with other same-type products, equipped with a low-power design, the MTB02 has an impressive 6-month battery life, ensuring uninterrupted asset monitoring. This extended battery life minimizes maintenance overhead and provides reliable, long-term tracking capabilities that are essential in demanding industrial environments.

Cost-Effective. Smart Investments

In today’s competitive market, cost efficiency is paramount. The MTB02 is designed to meet this demand. Its cost-effective configuration, featuring flexible ultra-thin soft-pack batteries and high-value chips, helps organizations reduce procurement expenses without compromising performance.

Versatile Application Integration: Tailored to Your Needs

From logistics and healthcare to manufacturing and retail, the MTB02 Paper Asset Tag is designed to be adaptable to various industrial sectors. Its seamless integration into warehouses, offices, and diverse application scenarios makes it an indispensable asset management tool. With a broadcast range of 50 meters, it ensures that asset data is consistently and securely transmitted. This reliable range is essential for real-time asset monitoring and management.

Application Scenario

“The MTB02 Paper Asset Tag is the result of intensive research and engineering, aimed at addressing asset tracking challenges faced by industries today.” Lee, Minew’s product manager, stated, “We have developed a solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our industrial partners because of our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.”

Innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective, the MTB02 Paper Asset Tag by Minew sets a new standard for asset tracking. With its ultra-thin design, extended battery life, and reliable broadcast capabilities, it adapts seamlessly to diverse industrial applications. This forward-looking solution not only meets the needs of today’s industries but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient future.

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