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IoT Starter Kit – MVS

IoT Starter Kit MVS, highly recommended for smart venues, can be used to accelerate the venue intelligent transformation of achieving better management and meeting users’ customized needs. It includes everything you need for indoor route navigation, environment monitoring, personnel management, and more.

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Make a building and venue infrastructure smarter and more efficient to operate.

The kit is designed for the quick development of your wireless IoT application especially in smart venue. For everyone who has purchased Minew starter kit or beacon products (those with protocol public), TagCloud is free for demonstration and test which serves as a virtual assistant in patient movement monitoring, emergency responding, equipment management, etc.

✔  Bluetooth® LE Wi-Fi Gateway

✔  People Tracking Tag

✔  Asset Tracking Tag

✔  Proximity Location Beacon

✔  Vibration Sensor

✔  Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Fully-featured IoT Starter Kit - MVS delivers value in

How do you implement smart venue solutions as quickly as possible? That's it!

Step 1. One-time installation & activation of your IoT Starter Kit MVS.
Step 2.
Minew tags & beacons attached to the objects and installed in
              indoor venues.
Step 3.
Real-time indoor positioning, and tracking & sensor data monitoring
              of your targeted objects.
Step 4.
Data sent to the cloud for processing and managing.

G1 IoT Gateway

i6 Ultra-thin Tag

T3 Mini Beacon Tag

MSV01 Vibration Sensor

MBM02 Proximity Location Beacon

S1 Temperature Humidity Sensor

TagCloud 2.0 for Demonstration and Testing.

The platform integrates the functions of data collection and demonstration, gateway monitoring, Bluetooth devices management and open source, facilitating centralized management of IoT devices.

You can expect more from Minew TagCloud.


  • Free for demonstration and testing.  (Non-commercial use)
  • Managing devices in batch.
  • Easy to start up accessibly.
  • Freely available open interface.
  • Stable data monitoring in real-time.
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google IoT Cloud Supported.

Now available for pre-orders!

Shipment of Minew IoT Starter Kit MVS for Smart Venue starts in August.

To reserve your spot is the best way to get the starter kit as quickly as possible at the best price.

The sooner you pre-order, the faster it will be processed and shipped out.

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