On the afternoon of October 12th, Minew welcomed the third quarter meetings of 2019 and competition of the “All-Staff Reading Session”. General Manager Yan Zhuang, Director of Domestic Marketing Zhaoxi Long, Director of International Marketing Min Zhang, Director of Manufacture Center Cheng Tang, and all employees participated in this event.


Part one: Third Quarter Summary Meeting

General Manager Yan Zhuang made a concluding speech on the work in the third quarter. He starts with a summary and comparison of the company’s performance in the third quarter from the perspective of operation. He said that despite the fierce competition in the domestic and international markets everyone still needs to overcome difficulties and complete the set goals.


Subsequently, from the perspective of management, General Manager Yan Zhuang summarizes what has been gained and what problems have been faced during the implementation of the new company managing system since the first quarter.

最後に, General Manager Yan Zhuang also revealed some important work results during the third quarter. These exciting achievements made Minew staffs believe that the future development of the company must be immeasurable.

Part two: “All-Staff Reading Sessioncompetition

Following the quarterly summary of General Manager Yan Zhuang, the first session of the “All-Staff Reading Session” competition speech begins.

The three directors took the lead in sharing the good books that they had read recently and shared their own opinions by extended to the daily works. With their unique insights and experiences, Minew staff gained a lot.


To improve everyone’s enthusiasm and make all employees participate in the reading activities, Minew set up three levels of prizes to reward the winners in the competition.

This event focus on good books that everyone read during the reading season. A total of 12 staff from each department were selected. In addition to sharing books on personal habits, thinking development, psychology, and other self-cultivation, they also shared some practical books that can be applied to jobs, including office tools, document management, production management, and customer communication. Minew staff said that they have benefited from these speeches and sharing.


後に 12 staff finished the speech, all the audience scored and voted for the winners. Minew management team gives certificates, trophies, and gifts to award winners.


To sum up, General Manager Yan Zhuang said that learning is the driving force for talent innovation, and innovation is the key to a successful business. Minew encourages learning, innovation, and love to grow up with all employees together.

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