Even though Minew has announced the BLE 5.1 modules have passed the test already, here is the updated news that BLE5.1 nRF52811 module with different antenna(PCB/Ceramic/u.FL) is hot selling now. Some of Minew’s esteemed customer is interested in using our BLE 5.1 module into the different scenario in asset tracking or RTLS.

A brief understanding of nRF52811 module as below:

Bluetooth 5.1Latest and most excellent features
MultiprotocolAll Bluetooth 5 features, 802.15.4, Нить, Зигби, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary
TX power-Optimized
RX sensitivity-Best performance in all nRF52 series.

Other surprises are waiting for you to EXPLORE!!!!
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БЛЕ 5.1 module nRF52811

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