Shénzhen, Porcelana. Dic 1, 2023 – Nuevas tecnologías, a professional IoT smart device innovator and manufacturer, proudly introduces the Etiqueta dinámica MWB01, a breakthrough in precision personnel management designed for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

MWB01 Dynamic Tag

With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Minew has developed the MWB01 Dynamic Tag in a delicate and small size, leveraging cutting-edge Bluetooth® LE technology to offer unparalleled accuracy in seguimiento de ubicación. This compact and versatile tag ensures precise indoor location accuracy, catering to the evolving needs of various industries at ultra-high cost-effective performance.

Why Industries Need the MWB01

Industries today are navigating complex operational landscapes, demanding precise solutions for location tracking and people management. The MWB01 Dynamic Tag addresses these pressing needs by offering a blend of cutting-edge technology and adaptability.

Our team spent a great deal of energy and creativity into creating a product that is not only durable and versatile in a range of industrial and commercial environments, but also leverages the power of Bluetooth® LE technology for accurate indoor tracking,” said Wendy, Product Manager at Minew, “The adaptability, NFC connectivity, and intelligent power-saving capabilities of the MWB01 Dynamic Tag highlight our passion for offering complete solutions that put security and effectiveness first in today’s IoT applications.

Precision Tracking and Management

Built on the foundation of Bluetooth® LE 5.0, this tag enables seamless and precise tracking in complex indoor environments. From amusement parks to healthcare facilities, the MWB01 ensures reliable tracking and management, optimizing operational efficiency and safety protocols.

• Multiple Wearable Solutions

Designed for adaptability, the MWB01 Dynamic Tag offers a range of customizable wearing options. With a form factor typical of Airtags, users can effortlessly integrate the MWB01 into compatible accessories, choosing varied colors from keychain cases to wristband options at MinewStore. This adaptability ensures personalized usage preferences for enhanced convenience and user experience.

Multiple Wearable Solutions

• High Sensitive NFC for Enhanced Access Control

Incorporating NFC technology, the MWB01 Dynamic Tag elevates access control measures. Seamlessly integrated with existing systems, it offers efficient and secure entry and authentication capabilities across various sectors, enhancing security with ease.

Smart Power Management

Equipped with a smart power-saving accelerometer, the MWB01 Dynamic Tag optimizes energy consumption while maintaining functionality. This intelligent feature extends the operational lifespan.

Durability and Versatility

Built with an Clasificación IP67 for dust and water resistance and equipped with a replaceable battery, the MWB01 Dynamic Tag stands resilient against environmental challenges for long term, making it suitable for lots of settings. Its durability and reliability make it an ideal solution for industries requiring high safety measures and robust tracking capabilities.

Durability and Versatility

As an innovative addition to Minew’s portfolio, the MWB01 Dynamic Tag shows dedication to delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions. With its blend of advanced technology, adaptability, and robust features, this innovative tag is an ideal tool for precision tracking and management, empowering industries with reliable, efficient, and adaptable solutions for the modern era.

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