That Increases Trust in Tracking and Data Acquisition

[December 22, 2020] Minew has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for G1 which is an IoT gateway supporting Bluetooth, WiFi protocol and adjustment of smart light. And finally received the plaque recently.

Minew's Awarded for U.S. Patent on Gateway

Minew’s new patent–U.S. Patent No.10,805,986–demonstrates how G1 can be used to track and trace data with its ultra-high Bluetooth sensitivity within about 350-meter-radius range and acquiring their data. G1 uploads the data to cloud server and exercises real-time control over these devices. Mientras tanto, users may log into cloud server by mobile phone to control RGB SMD lamp— adjust light color and display model in real time. De este modo, it can be seen that G1 can offer various lighting combinations that can improve user experience.

“Using G1 allows both Minew and our clients to confidently stand behind the responsible use of data entrusted to us,” said Eason, Minew Product Manager and patent co-inventor with Minew Vice President John. “With our gateway, we are able to help companies collect and manage data remotely of a wide range of devices through the cloud server, that could resolve the problems in need.”

The patent is one component of Minew’s intellectual property portfolio, which includes strategic investments in emerging technologies and partnerships with leading technology companies, to develop and deploy technology-based solutions that address complex business challenges. We are on the cusp of change with endless possibilities, what limits us is only our imagination. Minew strives for inventing, innovating, inspiring more acknowledged IoT devices to make our minds at ease even as our lives transform.

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