At the beginning of 2020,we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new generation key tracker F6.

If you want to keep track of your keys, dogs, wallet, car, backpack and phone all at once, your best bet is the Minew key finder F6,The wireless finder contains bluetooth 5.0 chipset nR52 series and accelerometer sensor that are thin and can be attached to keyrings or simply stored in your item of choice.The maximum range is 100 feet in open space and you can replace the batteries on your own whenever they run out.


What to look for in a Key Finder

Movement Alarm The key tracker including accelerometer sensor to protect your luggage,bags,when the luggage moved,the tracker will alarm automatically.

LED LightIn addition to an audible alert, the key finder includes a LED light. It also allows you to use the light which can be handy whenever you have to find your carkey or your backpack in the dark.

Main FunctionWhen a key finder with this feature gets too far from your phone, it automatically sounds an alert. This can come in handy if your keys ever fall out of your pocket, or you set them down and accidentally forget to pick them back up.

The F6 key finder loaded bluetooth 5.0 hardware platform.Furthermore,it combined with the app T-Finder to keep your things.

Test instruction document and SDK will be available for your further development.

Are you looking for such a reliable key tracker?pls contact, We are so pleased to discuss with you.

More details about F6 key tracker,pls refere to

F6 BLE Key Finder

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