블로그 IoT 과제 탐색: 스타터 키트가 산업 솔루션을 변화시키는 방법

IoT 과제 탐색: 스타터 키트가 산업 솔루션을 변화시키는 방법

광산 5월 27, 2024


The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is revolutionizing industries across the globe. While there is no need to over-stress the benefits and value brought by IoT solutions, the journey to successful IoT implementation is fraught and twisted with challenges, from high installation costs to incompatibility and maintenance issues.

Imagine trying to assemble a complex puzzle without knowing if all the pieces will fit together. That’s how many businesses feel when tackling IoT projects. The daunting costs and technical hurdles can turn even the most promising strategies into a logistical nightmare. But what if there was a way to simplify this process, cut down costs, and ensure every piece could be customized and tailor-made to your situation? Such a description coincides with the nature and purpose of starter kit development.

In this blog, we will explore how starter kits are the key to unlocking seamless, 확장 가능, and efficient IoT implementations while recognizing the above-mentioned industry challenges and collecting real-market customer feedback as a reference.

업계의 과제

In today’s digital era, industries face challenges implementing Internet of Things (IoT) 솔루션. Technology cannot implement itself. It requires a combination and a certain amount of knowledge, 노동, expertise, and infrastructure. High installation costs, complex integrations of multiple devices, and incompatibility issues may cease and kill the company’s IoT strategy initiatives and plans from the cradle.

High Implementation Costs & Time-consuming Installation

Many companies are hesitant to invest in IoT technology due to the high initial costs and ongoing maintenance expenses especially during the economic downturn. The costs associated with IoT include not only the cost of hardware and software but also the telecommunication infrastructure needed to support these devices and software. These financial burdens and constraints can be major deterrents, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

For large corporations with heavy infrastructure and complicated business procedures, this process of installation, IoT service redesign, and ongoing maintenance could even be more costly. Such installation of IoT initiatives and service redesign blueprinting may require all sorts of resources & input (예를 들어, 시간, money, labor and human resources), causing budget constraints, and even deteriorating the business’s daily operation and normal cash flows.

Compatibility Issues

Successful installation of IoT devices is only half the battle. Ensuring that IoT devices can coordinate and are compatible with existing cloud platforms is another concern and challenge for business owners. Incompatibilities can lead to greater costs, integration problems, and data silos. This can significantly hinder the seamless flow of information and impede the overall effectiveness of IoT implementations. As companies adopt more diverse technologies, ensuring that all systems communicate effectively becomes increasingly challenging.

Introducing Starter Kits: A Complete Solution for Diverse Scenarios

One size cannot fit all and one solution cannot meet to solve all business issues. More specifically, different industries may have their own requirements and specifications of the IoT device’s parameters and functionality. One location beacon may work well in an office but may not track shipment accurately during the long run and long dual outdoor transportation. To better tackle industry challenges caused by one size cannot fit all and overcome the limitations of standardized prototypes, companies started to put devices into groups and test how IoT devices could coordinate to maximize the best connectivity and ensure the most reliable and accurate data transmission.

Benefits Perceived By Starter Kit Users

To personalize our product & service offering to customers’ unfilled demand and to better connect our expertise with industry challenges, we have been constantly collecting feedback and actively listening to a diverse combination and mix of clients, followers, and subscribers from various industries (예를 들어. cold-chain logistics, 창고, 그리고 병원) that is typically heavily IoT oriented. The real-time feedback data helps IoT hardware manufacturers and service operators tap into the constantly evolving industry challenges faced by our clients and better understand how they perceive benefits from using IoT. A customer-oriented approach will provide more insights, guiding not only research & 개발 (아르 자형&디), but also promotion & 매상.

비용 효율적, time-saving, and budget-friendly

One of the key benefits mentioned and highlighted repeatedly by our client companies is the product’s affordability. The product’s characteristics of requiring less input and thus being more cost effective don’t mean we compromise on product quality and assurance. 대신에, IoT starter kits can break the trade-off between time & quality and continuously pursue high-perceived-value because of flexible manufacturing capacity and quick prototyping. The economic principle is simple. As the quantity goes up, the price could go down to achieve economies of scale. Since multiple products could be sold in just one starter kit, customers now can enjoy greater discounts and high-performing products at a more favorable price. 이런 식으로, no one needs to compromise and no party involved needs to bear the cost and consequences of sacrificing quality for speed.

cut costs

Easy to selection & purchase

“Imagine ordering your favorite pizza, now imagine you could get your IoT solutions just as easily. That’s what we aim for at Minew – simple, fast, and satisfying!”

According to the theory, time value of money in the finance domain, time is money. IoT starter kits could help customers save time mainly in two ways. 한쪽에는, the well-designed starter kit includes almost every applicable IoT hardware device and development tool used for rapid project setup and less entry barriers. 반대편에는, e-commerce and online stores can simplify the purchase process by directly enabling customers to place and track their orders online. 이런 식으로, customers can reduce and even minimize the amount of time spent on information searching while enjoying the transparency of online shopping platform. No middleman will be able to charge you extra for the same kind of goods & services.

Multi-platform Supported

Setting up devices is only half the battle. Compatibility with the cloud system or the user’s server is the key to IoT solutions and data transmission. With this notion in mind, many starter kits had been tested rigorously and can support more than one type of mainstream cloud system, including but not limited to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and so on). Such features benefit customers with great flexibility when choosing cloud services and shorten the incremental cost and time required for developing your own cloud system. 지금, customers can launch their IoT solutions faster than their competitors to capitalize on existing market trends with ready-to-market IoT solution packages.

Free trail & simplified testing

“Think of it as a free test drive, but instead of a car, you’re test-driving the future of IoT!”

At the product testing stage, a trial test cloud platform included in the starter kit’s suite enables customers to quickly use and validate the functionality and performance of their hardware products without paying extra for outsourced services, thus lowering development costs. 게다가, multiple samples can be tested at the same time without the limitations of MOQ.

Customizable, 확장 가능, 유연한

The starter kit, in the IoT domain, is a group or package of IoT 장치 that can be used effectively for particular occasions or scenarios. With this being said, the nature of the starter kit thus empowers and benefits customers with great flexibility to choose the most appropriate device and customize the use of the mix case by case.

cold-chain logistics, warehouse, and hospital

Versatile to Various Industry

At the beginning of selecting devices and putting them into starter kits, the application scenario is one of the key decision criteria. 따라서, many starter kits are designed for certain application scenarios, such as healthcare, 물류 센터, 조작, and retail. Customers from various industries can find tailor-made suites and customize their IoT starter kit packages to better meet project-specific needs and business requirements. The components in tsuite have been carefully matched and rigorously tested to ensure each IoT device could coordinate to launch a seamless and integrated IoT service, fitting the operating environment and project requirements. This means customers do not have to suffer from standardized duplicates and incompatibility problems. 대신에, they could exert their buying power and rights to select and customize a basket of IoT devices, best catering to their current business demands and future business needs.

손쉬운 확장 & Flexible Mix-up

Within each industry and business sector, customers can start by purchasing and trailing a basic kit and gradually add more devices as their business and IoT projects expand and evolve. This particular scaleability feature allows customers to start small and grow their IoT solutions as needed without investing heavily at the beginning. 게다가, the small starting order quantity allows client companies to test different styles for different application requirements without suffering and worrying too much about the sunk cost because you can always start small but grow to be big.

Easy to Scale Up & Flexible Mix-up

마지막 생각들: 앞으로 나아갈 길

The development and launch of starter kits is to solve and accommodate incremental complexities in today’s increasingly competitive business landscape. When standardized products cannot cope with all situations in reality, it is time for us to reconsider the power of consumers and better co-work with customers to design and innovate on the existing infrastructure. To ensure the efficient operation of the starter kit, supporting services such as flexible manufacturing, white labeling, fast prototyping, testing cloud, and quality engineering will be the key to the successful launch and implementation of IoT starter, converting product benefits into business and economic values.

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