Shenzhen, Chine. Juillet 11, 2023 – Mine nouvelles technologies, a professional IoT smart device designer and manufacturer, is delighted to unveil its latest breakthrough product, the MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor. This cutting-edge sensor is set to revolutionize space management and human presence detection, offering unparalleled accuracy, advanced functionalities, and seamless integration for a wide range of applications.

The MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor is designed to address the growing demand for precise and reliable space monitoring in diverse environments such as retail stores, aéroports, office buildings, et plus. Leveraging the power of millimeter wave technology, this Bluetooth-enabled sensor delivers exceptional performance and exceptional features that cater to the needs of various industries.

With the MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor, we are ushering in a new era of intelligent sensing and monitoring,” said Andy, the Product Management at Minew. “This sensor combines with advanced algorithms, enabling businesses to optimize space utilization, enhance security protocols, and improve overall operational efficiency.

MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor

Key Features and Functionality

The MSR01 sets itself apart with a comprehensive range of features and functionality designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industrial landscape. Some of the standout features include:

Advanced Millimeter Wave Technology: The MSR01 employs advanced millimeter wave technology operating at a frequency of 60GHz, enabling precise and non-inductive detection of human presence. This technology ensures accurate monitoring and analysis, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions for optimized space utilization.

Real-time Monitoring and Analytics: With real-time monitoring capabilities, the MSR01 provides businesses with instant insights into occupancy levels, movement patterns, and crowd flow. This data empowers organizations to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer experiences.

Expandable Functionality: The MSR01 is not just limited to detection; it offers expandable features such as gesture recognition and posture judgment. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the sensor to their specific needs and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Wide Field of View and Extended Broadcast Range: Boasting a remarkable 120° field of view, the MSR01 offers comprehensive coverage, minimizing blind spots and ensuring accurate monitoring across a wide area. With a radius of 3 m detection distance and a broadcast range of 150 mètres (492 pieds), businesses can seamlessly monitor even large spaces with ease and precision.

AI-powered Interference Elimination: The MSR01 is equipped with an AI self-learning function that can identify and eliminate interference sources. This advanced technology ensures reliable detection, reducing false alarms and enhancing overall system performance.

Seamless Integration and Control: The MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor is able to seamlessly integrate with clientsexisting systems and offers easy control through the dedicatedMsensormobile application. This integration enables users to conveniently configure settings and access data. With Bluetooth® LE wireless connectivity, the MSR01 simplifies installation and enhances operational efficiency.

Applications and Future Possibilities

The applications for the MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor are vast and diverse. It can be deployed in retail environments to optimize store layouts. In airports and transportation hubs, it facilitates crowd management and improves operational efficiency. In office buildings, it ensures workspace occupancy management and enhances workplace safety. The MSR01 also finds applications in event venues, healthcare facilities, Villes intelligentes, and the hospitality industry, entre autres.

Applications and Future Possibilities

We envision the MSR01 as a future-proof smart hardware that empowers businesses to adapt and thrive,” added Johnson, Minew’s Co-founder. “Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that the MSR01 will remain at the forefront of the industry, meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

2 Versions Tajelored for Your Business

The MSR01 series expands its capabilities with two distinct versions, the MSR01-A and MSR01-B, catering to specific applications in space and people management. The MSR01-A excels in human presence detection, utilizing advanced millimeter wave technology to provide precise and non-inductive detection. D'autre part, the MSR01-B specializes in people flow statistics, offering real-time monitoring and analytics to optimize crowd management. With their specialized functionalities, the MSR01-A and MSR01-B versions empower businesses with tailored service for their unique requirements, revolutionizing the way they understand and utilize their spaces.

Space Management

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The MSR01 Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor is now available for order through MinewStore. For more information and inquiries, veuillez visiter MSR01’s Page or contact [].

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