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Bluetooth Gateway

MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway

G1 IoT Gateway

MG3 USB Mini Gateway

MG4 Smart Rechargeable Gateway

IoT Starter Kits

Have you ever wonder using IoT starter kits in your solutions? For the warehouse, cold room, hospital, office or venues! It will surely be the fastest and easiest way to prototype different IoT application scenarios while avoiding a high investment upfront. Click Buy Now Get started with IoT.

Connectable Tag Manager Kit

Asset Tracking Kit

IoT Starter Kit – MVS
Smart Venue Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MOS
Smart Office Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MHS
Smart Healthcare Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MWS
Smart Warehouse Suite

How it works

Use Case

Smart Logistc & Warehouse

Smart Logistc & Warehouse

Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Smart Building

Smart Building

Smart Industry/Factory

Smart Industry/Factory

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