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B7 Button Wristband

B7 Button Wristband is a button wristband with BLE 5.0, an SOS button, and indoor positioning. Users can push the SOS button when they need help. Also, it can enable employees to check-in-&out in the office for management optimization with advanced NFC tech.


B7 Button Wristband
Battery Replaceable

Battery Replaceable

Disposable & Recyclable

Disposable & Recyclable

App Available

App Available

Built-in NFC

Built-in NFC

How it works


SOS Button

Equipped with an SOS button, B7 can be used by the users to call for help if they encounter any danger or need some help.

Indoor Positioning

Providing accurate location, B7 also enables indoor positioning for personnel management and quick response to the SOS.

Real-time Info Based on Location

The real-time location given by B7, make various location-based services become possible.
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