• Official notification about Coronavirus in China

    Dear Clients, Thanks for your attention about the coronavirus in China and the production capacities of our company. We are glad to announced that the government are taking many effective measures to handle the coronavirus outbreak and the situation are under strictly control already. Please be w...
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  • Finding made easy,new arrival F6 key tracker is available

    At the beginning of 2020,we are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new generation key tracker F6. If you want to keep track of your keys, dogs, wallet, car, backpack and phone all at once, your best bet is the Minew key finder F6,The wireless finder contains bluetooth 5.0 chipset nR52 ...
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  • Minew new generation’s wristband beacon B6 is coming!

    At the beginning of 2020, we are so happy to inform that our new generation’s wristband Beacon B6 is coming! Different with other beacons, B6 takes the design of magnet switch which is very convenient to turn on/off the device, and improve the waterproof grade up to IP66. Utilizing the disp...
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  • About internet of things gateway

    Internet of things gateway, as a new term, will play a very important role in the future Internet of things era, it will become a link between the perception network and the traditional communication network. As a gateway device, Internet of things gateway can realize the protocol transformation ...
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  • Merry Christmas Messages From Minew

    In the end of 2017, i never imagined that Minew can design and create a complete solution. At the moment of welcoming the 2020, we acknowledged proudly that almost up to 50 stores utilized Minew ESL solutions and they work steadily and successfully in these stores. Moreover, indoor location solut...
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  • Super dry goods: Bluetooth module usage specifications and development precautions

    In this issue, MINEW has compiled a short and powerful super-dry product “Bluetooth Module Usage Specification and Development Guide”, hoping to help engineers develop Bluetooth modules! 1. Wiring problem of Bluetooth module General Bluetooth modules use UART serial communication. Th...
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  • What is the difference between a classic Bluetooth module and a Bluetooth low energy module?

    Bluetooth module (Bluetooth module) refers to the basic circuit set of the chip with integrated Bluetooth function, used for short-range 2.4G wireless communication module. For the end user, the Bluetooth module is a semi-finished product. Through the process of functional redevelopment and packa...
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  • MINEW ESL solution cooperated with OPPO Changsha to build a mobile smart store

    MINEW ESL-Electronic Shelf Label solution, is not only display in beauty stores, cross-border E-commerce stores, supermarkets, warehousing and other fields but also focused on the social interaction favored by many merchants as the consumer groups become younger and more personalized in the house...
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