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MNDB1 Dual Band Bridge – MNDB1 is designed for high-efficient seamless deployment of Wiliot IoT pixels. It features a powerful Sub-1 GHz antenna for energizing Pixels and a high-performance 2.4 GHz antenna for echoing Wiliot Bluetooth packets.

Power everything with the MNDB1:

Energizing Wiliot IoT Pixels
Receiving and filtering packets from Pixels
Echoing the filtered packets to gateways

MNDB1 Dual Band Bridge excels in its scanning capabilities, seeking out Wiliot IoT Pixels with precision. Leveraging its intelligence, it tactically re-broadcasts these beacons, guaranteeing a comprehensive capture of all crucial data, and flawlessly transferring it to the G1 IoT Gateway or the MG5 Outdoor Mobile LTE Gateway. Moreover, the gateways transmit data to the Wiliot Cloud, completing the robust IoT ecosystem with effortless efficiency.

How It Works

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Ideal for Diverse Scenarios

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