IoT Starter Kits

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Have you ever wondered using IoT starter kits in your solutions? For the warehouse, cold room, hospital, office or venues! It will surely be the fastest and easiest way to prototype different IoT application scenarios while avoiding a high investment upfront.

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IoT Starter Kit MWS is a complete bundle of IoT smart devices for your warehouse needs from asset management to cargo tracking. The kit uses cutting-edge technologies and utmost accuracy to monitor warehouses of any size and type with the greatest effectiveness at the lowest cost. These devices are selected from a wide range of our products to provide the most suitable fit for your warehouse and cold room conditions.


IoT starter kit MHS gathers a full set of IoT smart devices for your healthcare needs from patient care to equipment tracking. To best meet your needs, these smart devices are chosen from a large selection of Minew products. This kit’s components have been demonstrated to function well with created systems that have been put to use, which is easy to set up and designed to fit any place, especially hospitals, clinics, care centers, and nursing homes.


IoT Starter Kit MOS is selected from a varied assortment of smart devices to form a delicate gadget bundle, which is suitable for asset and personnel management, environment monitoring. With the kit in deployment, a modern smart office setup is on the way. It’s easy to assemble and can even be customized to fit any location, which provides the enhanced speed required to manage a large number of Bluetooth® LE devices thanks to its blazing-fast gateway and Minew cloud platform.


IoT Starter Kit MVS improves the building infrastructure by making it more intelligent and safer. The kit contains finely selected gadgets for the construction of smart venues, creating value in visitor management, indoor navigation, and more. The kit’s seamless cooperation makes implementing smart venue solutions easier than it seems due to its streamlined combination design.


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