• loT Development Kit

    loT Development Kit

    Minew IoT Development Kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment for engineers and solution architects to significantly accelerate the development and delivery of new IoT applications.
    They provide all the hardware ( BLE & WiFi Gateway, BLE Sensors, iBeacon & Eddystone ) and software components for fast and easy development and deployment of IoT applications.
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  • Smart Retail

    Smart Retail

    There are several options through proximity marketing can be improved retail marketing ideas, BLE beacons are an extremely cost-effective option.
    Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, help customers navigate and make it easy for them to pay at stores. advertise for your partners, gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.
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  • Indoor Location

    Indoor Location

    Indoor navigation beacons offer decisive advantages for projects that are dependent on high accuracy and want to include Apple devices. Beacons are typically transmitters in client-based methods.
    For example, they enable indoor navigation for airline passengers using the app - cross-platform and with an accuracy of up to 1 meter. The server-based beacon tracking of persons or goods is only possible with third-party components.
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  • Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Track and locate assets fast, easy and profitable
    1. Keep track of the exact location of your assets
    2. Optimize item delivery
    3. Locate the assets faster
    4. Get a location overview of your inventory
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