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Smart Wearable

MWC01 Rechargeable Bluetooth Badge

B10 Emergency Button

B6 Wristband beacon

B7 Wristband Beacon

B9 Cut-off Alert Wristband

C10 Card Beacon

D15N Keychain Beacon

C6 Wearable Beacon

IoT Starter Kits

Have you ever wonder using IoT starter kits in your solutions? For the warehouse, cold room, hospital, office or venues! It will surely be the fastest and easiest way to prototype different IoT application scenarios while avoiding a high investment upfront. Click Buy Now Get started with IoT.

IoT Starter Kit – MVS
Smart Venue Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MOS
Smart Office Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MHS
Smart Healthcare Suite

IoT Starter Kit – MWS
Smart Warehouse Suite

Epidemic Prevention Wristband

Real-time location

Wearing our smart wearables allows the precise and real-time location of the wearers, enabling locationbased services and personnel management.

Social Distancing Wristband Features

Social Distancing Wristband Social Distancing

Contact tracing

With B8 Plus, once a positive patient is found, the contact records help identify close contacts and control the spread of the virus timely. Up to 20,000 close contacts are stored over the past 2 weeks.

Real-time temperature monitoring

Allow early detection of infection and quick response to avoid spread as well as improve the chances of recovery. Up to 2048 records for abnormal temperature are available.

Social Distancing Wristband Contact Tracing

Social Distancing Wristband Quarantine Measure

Customized alerts

Based on the actual application, you can set different distance alerts (with optional 5 gears) to remind the wearers with B8 Plus to maintain safe social distancing for preventing being infected.


To improve staff efficiency, patients or the observed should be self-isolated. Once quarantine people cut the bracelet without permission, the alarm will be triggered.

Social Distancing Wristband Tracking

Social Distancing Wristband Quarantine Measure

Personnel management

Within the healthcare facility, all people wore the the wristband can be centrally managed, enhancing efficiency and decreasing costs.

Geofence management

When someone accidentally strays into a dangerous area, or stays somewhere for a long time, or is not at a specified location at a specified time, they can be located to get help.

Social Distancing Wristband Tracking

Social Distancing Wristband Quarantine Measure

Panic button for emergency

Both the B7 and B10 can call for help when the wearer is in an emergency. Especially for the elderly, who can suffer great damage if not receiving timely treatment after falling down.

Security access control or daily check-in

Compared with paper ID badge, our wristbands with NFC function allows access control and daily check-in & out like a smart badge, cutting down the cost and building up an eco-friendly working environment and brand image. The efficient access control secures the working environment by controlling the strangers' access, and the intelligent attendance system improves workplace productivity.

Social Distancing Wristband Tracking

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