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S2 Light Sensor Beacon

The light sensor beacon S2, utilize the latest and greatest technology Bluetooth® 5.0 hardware platform, based on the Nordic nRF52 series chipset. It can detect whether there is the ambient light or not. It is designed for the commercial advertising, indoor location-based service and specialized for the asset management and tracking applications.

Moreover, if the standard iBeacon firmware is needed, it can work on S2 Light sensor beacon hardware smoothly.


Protocol Minew Light Sensor Yes
Sensor Ambient Light Sensor Yes
Features Wearable With keychain hole
Assembling technology Ultrasonic assembling
Waterproof grade IP65
Installation method Double-sided adhesive
Product Compliance Certification Bluetooth QDID/EPL
Warranty 12 months
Application App “nRF Connect”, iOS and Android


Radio Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Engergy 5.0
Chipset nRF52
Antenna PCB antenna
Transmission Interval 10 seconds
Range up to 50 meters
 Battery Model CR2032; non-replaceable
Capacity 230mAh
Operating Temperature -20°C to +65°C (Battery limit)
Battery life 5 years (by default settings)
Construction Material ABS plastic housing
Dimensions 52.6×23.7×5.3mm
Weight 7.0g
Color Black (other colors can be customized))


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