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i6 Sticker Beacon

The sticker ibeacon I6 is a ultra-thin iBeacon with ARM core chipset nRF51series and leverage BLE4.0 technology, it is designed for the commercial advertising, asset tracking , indoor location-based service and personal electronic sticker.

The sticker iBeacon i6 broadcasts 2.4Ghz radio signals at regular and adjustable interval , the standard minibeacon firmware will be programmed into the device before the shipment.


Advertising Standard iBeacon frame UUID , major, minor
Advertising interval Configurable 100ms to 10s
Tx power -30dBm, -20dBm,-16dBm, -12dBm,-8dBm, -4dBm,0dBm,4dBm
Additional configuration options 0 Connectable, configuration mode; 1 Non-connectable, deployment mode.
Configuration app Beaconset for Android/iOS
Radio Version Bluetooth low energy 4.0
Frequency 2.4GHz
Module nRF51
Antenna PCB antenna
Distance range Up to 50 meters


Enclosure Material ABS plastic
Color white( custom color and logo are available on demand)
Size 32x23x 3.3 mm
weight 4.0g
Battery Replaceable Yes
Model -
Expected life 3 months
Features Environnment Indoor
Fixing method Double adhesive
Operating temperature -20°C to +65°C (Battery limit)

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