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F6 wireless key tracker

The wireless finder contains bluetooth 5.0 chipset nR52 series and accelerometer sensor that are thin and can be attached to keyrings or simply stored in your item of choice.The maximum range is 100 feet of open space and you can replace the batteries on your own whenever they run out.when the luggage moved,the tracler will alarm automatically.


Radio Battery
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 compatible Model 1*CR2032
Chipset  nRF52 Capacity 210mAh
Antenna PCB antenna Replaceable Yes
Range 30meters Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C (Battery limit)
Volume +90dB Battery life Up to 12months


Material ABS plastic housing
Dimensions 45mm x 45mm x 6.5mm
Color White




Anti lost for keys,wallet,luggage,pets,bags and any other stuff you want to keep


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